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10 Awesome Tips On Storing Your Shoes Collection That Make It No Longer Hard Anymore

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“Shoes can be trickier too because they’re almost a little more emotional. We can hang on to them even if they don’t fit.”- Jeni Aron, founder of Clutter Cowgirl.

People Nowadays sees shoe collections as a lifestyle. From bots to sneakers, from high hell to formal shoe. They keep more than one shoe in a time to prepare any different situation and condition in a days. Such as, sneaker maybe comfortable but sneaker is not proper shoe for work or wedding party.

So, have you wondering about what should you do on maintaining my boots, sandals, sneakers, high heels, and formal shoe ?

Aron gives you 15 simple and awesome tips on storing your shoe collection.

01. Keep Your Shoe In A Ladder

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Dropping your shoe on the floor is not a good idea. Your Shoe will easy to tossed aside when everything is flopped each other in a big space.

Your Shoe will mostly get abandoned when you are moving pairs aside in search for your favorite sandals.

Whether you prepare on place them on the floor, you need to adds basic shoe organization.

Therefore put your shoe collection in a ladder would evade them for all of those situation

02. Avoiding Of Storing A Shoe In The Wire Racks

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Wire Shoe Rack maybe cool but it is not a good idea.

Aron stated that Wire Shoe Rack don’t store everything, and they always get pushed to the back anyway. they get in the way of the clothes that are hanging.

Wire racks would be a nightmare of certain types of shoe because wire rack let some part of the shoe in the middle of open air so they are risk to get any dust.

03. Make A Line Categories Of The Shoe

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Storing A shoe collection also require to sort your shoe into some categories, therefore Aron only require two categories such as:

  1. The shoes you wear all the time
  2. The shoes you wear less frequently

Those that you wear rarely (such as snow boots) should be keep it up high and far away.

Therefore you need to make further explanation categories on your daily shoe

For those that you need to take them work should be place in one line. The one who proper to go to formal party should be placed in another one line together also and etc.

You need to think an activity that you need to wear them, to make you easiest to sort it into a categories.

04. Search An Idea That You Need Make A Separation Storage Or Not

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If you collect your shoe in the same way that grandmas supposedly collect Christmas sweaters. You need to pare down your shoe in a different categories in their stash.

Further, since you have a limited space to maintain your shoe collection, you need specifically create the separate store for your shoe collection.

A modified book shelves can be a solution to take up the space that require on maintaining the shoe. quoted from Laura Cattano, Professional Organizer in New York.

05. Shoe Box Is A Solution

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Stuffing everything will be impossible if you are not make them still visible. so, the solution of this situation is invisible shoe storage bins or boxes. The visual aid will help you to find the shoe that you are searching for.

06. Transparent Shoe Bin

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Beside shoe box, invisible shoe bin also gives a solution to you to keep a space but still visible on maintaining a collection.

07. Different Storage For Fancy Things Up

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Fancy high heels are more delicate,thus they are easier to knick in bins. That’s way people wear them in very less frequently. Thus, the solution to storage them is put them up away in the ceiling artfully with transparent ceiling so your shoe collection can be awesome decoration for your house.

08. Store All Of Them Over The Door Organization

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Shoe organizers that hang over the closet door can be lifesavers — particularly for lightweight, casual shoes since you can bunch an entire pairs of shoe into one of storage places.

You can save a pair of shoes in each slot, there are 10 slots that can organize them into certain categories of your daily shoes.

09. Hanging Your Sandals

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Cut the bottom part of cloth hanger to create D.I.Y Sandal hanger. It’s the great idea to keep your sandals and still maintain a space.

10. Store Boot Up There

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Beside sandals you may hang your boots shoe collection up away to flop over and keep them clear from any dusk on the floor. You may also keep your boot in shape through fill them with rolled up old magazine, news paper, or old plastic bottles to fill the boots.


So, Have you stores your shoe collection in a right way ? Whether it’s not. There is no term of “late” to re-organizing your shoe collection to avoid of look dense on your house. Otherwise, gives separate room for you shoe collection is highly recommended to make it easy to find your Shoe collection.


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