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10 Easy Ways How To Decorate Apartment With Simple Design


It’s already 2020, it means for us to make something new in our life. We can do anything to make this New Year more colorful, memorable and stylish. Almost all people make changes in their life, even in the little things. We can start from our shelf and environment. There are tons of way for you to make such a great change. Don’t go so far away! Look at your living space. Is it need to be redecorated?

If you are living in an apartment you can redecorate your apartment with a simple design. A small living space yet you should make it feel bigger and invite a cozy ambiance. You don’t need to be busy in arraying your apartment. Well, today I will share you how to decorate the apartment with a simple design. Here we go!

01. Wall Art Living Room Decoration


The area is one of the crucial space in your apartment. It’s your responsibility to make this room feel cozy and comfy. There are many ways to array the living room. With a wall painting décor, you can get such a gorgeous living room. The wall painting will help you to attract the room with its arty design. You can display any wall painting décor that suitable for your room color.

02. Minimalist Sofa Bed


You don’t need to install such a huge furniture in our apartment. It will make your apartment looks crowded. For instance, you can install a minimalist sofa bed in your room. Choose the sofa bed with a simple design and natural color. Then, throw some pillow with a pretty pillowcase. 

03. Table Entryway


Does your entryway need furniture? Absolutely, yes! Install a tiny entryway table in your entryway. You could use the table to store your things in it. This wooden table entryway completed with some storage that eases you to store your stuff. To complete it, install a mirror on the wall too. 

04. Wooden Bench 


The pretty wooden bench is looking incredible in your room. Not only for outdoor decoration, this wooden bench can also be an indoor decoration. With light color and simple design, it will make your room looks stylish. Put the bench next to the sofa bed, thus you can store any decoration on it. 

05. Make It Look Bigger


If you are trying to make your apartment look larger, you can use get rid of the useless furniture or decoration. You can make the room look bigger with soft-tones like white, green or blue.

06. Hanging Pendant Lamp


How to light up your room? You can install this hanging pendant lamp. The design is very simple and minimalist for you who like the simple design. A black cage and unique style would make your room looks stylish.

07. Grey and White 


Grey and white always is the queen of color to design a home. Looking cool, clean and organized is fit in any apartment design. You can use grey and white colors, whether for the furniture or wall painted color. It will create such great unity for your apartment. 

08. Glass Material


It looks luxurious if you install glass material for your apartment. It simple yet resulting in such a gorgeous design. You can install the glass for the stairs and door. 

09. Plants


For some people’s plants are never forgotten decorations for their homes. Plants have many benefits besides to be decoration. Plants can reduce CO2 and make the room feel fresh. Feel free to pick indoor plants to decorate your room and make your room feel cozy.

10. Airy 


To make an apartment feel airy, we can install wicker, rattan, wrought iron and iron-colored wood for the furniture. This apartment has an intriguing decoration that uses a combination of iron, wood, and simple design. It will help you to make your apartment feel airy. Furthermore, you can install windows that will brighten up the room.

Have you decided which room will you redesign first? If you have other ideas in decorating the apartment you can share with us!

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