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10 Houseplants Ideas That Will Bring The Nature in Your House

The classic way to decorate our homes to look fresh and beautiful is with plants and flowers, plants growing in nutrient or hydroponic solutions. Like some perennial flowers that are planted in pots, such as tulips, water hyacinth, chrysanthemums, are very suitable for decoration because they add color and freshness to them.
Quick and efficient home decorating ideas for arranging plant and flower arrangements. The methods below will help you to design the interior of the house, this will show how you can beautify your home with creative plants.
Decorating our home with plants can be very easy and certainly no doubt. Plants are very flexible so they can be placed in any corner and area of ​​your home.

01. Fill in the blank corner


There are certain corners in our home that don’t fit just with the existing furniture. In this case, you can put plants behind a chair. But remember to choose a larger size to fully occupy the entire space or angle.
This is most useful when you have limited space so that the room looks closer and bigger without being overcrowded.

02. Hanging plants


If you have limited space in your home that you do not want to sacrifice the remaining space for potted plants, then hanging plants will be an alternative idea.
In this way, you can make use of all the remaining space and at the same time be able to brighten the area. With the right choice of plants, these plants can even add color to the complex mottled areas. But make sure to secure it well to avoid the bad risks that exist.

03. Use the wall


If you want your design to be more classy and quieter why not try having a plant wall. This can be perfect for all blank walls in your room or your lane walls.
You can decide for yourself about the size and shape. Choose indoor plants that suit environmental conditions.

04. The middle of the room


The middle part is an important decoration that will complete the look of all your tables in your home. Especially if plants are used as plants.
For the living room, it would be ideal if you would choose a blooming leafy plant that would make the room look bigger. While some flowers bloom for the rest of the room that will offer a relaxed atmosphere.

05. As a barrier


It is inevitable that there are special areas in our homes that are not used or are empty that can make us feel something is missing or the design is incomplete.
Take advantage of these spaces by arranging dividers or dividers that will isolate certain spaces for a more intimate style. But this time it will be much better if you will use plants.

06. Make it as a focal point


Today, modern designs will incorporate trees into the interior as part of the focus. There are many trees in the room available that can maintain the atmosphere in your home.
Also, choose plants that are insensitive and difficult to grow such as ferns and bamboo trees. We recommend using the available space to create a unique design. Don’t be afraid to apply whatever ideas you have in mind.

07. Grow zen plants


If you really have natural skills in gardening and you can’t get enough with an outdoor garden, then it’s not a problem to have it in your room.
Plan the available space that you have considered because it will not jeopardize the availability of your floor scheme and also the beauty of the plant. No matter where you place your Zen garden you always consider the needs of plants.

08. Decorate the hallway of the house


Because this area is the hallway that leads to the entrance or exit, it must also be decorated. Filling this area with fresh plants and blooming flowers will look very attractive to your guests.
It sounds good that when your guests open the main door, a fresh and refreshing impression will welcome them.

09. Create a tropical atmosphere


Indoor swimming pool is the choice nowadays. The only way you can still feel the tropical taste in this area is by adding greenery. They not only an accent but can also increase the humidity of the area.

10. Beautify your exterior


Ideally, sun loungers are used to receive a lot of natural light because of translucent roofs and walls. With this in mind, of all the rooms that you have in your house it will be a sunroom which must have a large number of plants to plant. You can put as much as you want but make sure it won’t be too full or too decorated.

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