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10 Ideas on Transforming Bedroom Colors To Boost Your Mood

Some people stated that Bedroom is place on energizing boosting a good mood for the whole next day. Beside maintaining the furniture, bedroom color also played a role to enlighten your mood. Famous psychotherapist Carl Jung stated the concept of color psychology. He was interest in the meaning of colorful art for potential psychotherapy.  Considering bedroom paint ideas is not an easy decision.

Furthermore, there are rules on choosing best color for somebody’s bedroom. Because, each person has different desire and taste. Some people likes unusual colors yet, some of them prefer the basic colors. Thus, you may choose your favorite color to the whole of your bedroom. Otherwise, despite of what color that you decided. Coloring your bedroom will always turn you to be enjoy at the end of your day.

Whether you are still confused about which color that you should take on your bedroom. I want to share these 10 Bedroom color inspiration below. All these painting can be done in an inexpensive way and suitable to your bedroom’s style. Beside the wall you can enlarge your paint area to maximize your bedroom paint design. You may paint any spot on bedroom such as ceiling, wall, and the floor. So, let’s starts.

01. Spring Pink Blossom

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How was your feeling after observing a blossom flower during at spring? However, this Bedroom color inspiration was obtained after observed on spring atmosphere. It was introduced by designer Jonathan Berger. He stated that this pink color would make blush every moment you came to it.

02. Cooling Painting

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This bedroom color inspiration purposed to bring the coolness of ice combine with the fresh air on the mountain and transform it into the cozy and relax atmosphere on the bedroom. The soft blue color will take a roll to realizing that dream on your bedroom. Furthermore, the main soft blue color also toted up an ethereal, pleasures, a dreamy quality, and a ton of versatility on every space of bedroom.

03. Pure White Bedroom

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A white color would create simple and ease atmosphere on bedroom. Besides, white also represent natural materials and bring soft textures to the space to avoid a clutter atmosphere. This bedroom color inspiration also flexible to combines with all kinds of furniture pattern.

04. Red Spirit

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In the whole western world, Red often stated as adventurous colors. Red also known on its ability on hand over a positive energy for those who come it. This bedroom color inspiration comes out to realize all of the manner of red color. You may combine this red tone bedroom color inspiration with a rich woods and other warm tones.

05. Cheerful Yellow

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Yellow means sunny, happy, cheerful and spirit impression. This bedroom color inspiration purposed to bring the spirit of sunny and happy shade at the end of a day and make you in a full of cheerful spirit in the morning. Then, to adds comfortable atmosphere under yellow tone on your bedroom combines these with grassy green color or cherry red on bed side table.

06. Flashy Orange

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Alongside to yellow, Orange also give powerful spirit impression. Further, orange lovers are fun, highly social and fearless personality. They love to travel and meeting a new people. This bedroom color inspiration comes to presents warm, charming and invoke enthusiasm at the end of a day.

07. Mocha Calm

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This bedroom color inspiration is suitable for a people who has down to earth personality. Because mocha represent reliable and confident of someone or something. Mocha also perfect choices to present simple luxuries of life on your bed room. Further, adding mocha on your bedroom would make you calm, relax and give natural enjoy at the end of your day.

08. Mysterious Black

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Black means mysterious or intimate. People who interest to black are strong, independent and in control emphasize privacy on their lives. Adding black on your bedroom would an atmosphere that you need to set more boundaries between your personal and work lives. This bedroom color inspiration is suitable for those who likes to tries to present a balances on their lives.

09. Friendly Green

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Green often interprets as the most relaxing color. However, green also represent open and friendly personality. People who likes green consider as patient and steer clear of drama people. Then, paint your bedroom in a green will take you into the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere after a long hectic day. This bedroom color inspiration is useful to change your bedroom into zen bedroom.

10. Cool but Grey

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Grey is a neutral color besides black and white. Grey consider as calm and warm color. People who likes grey often stated as mysterious attitude but warm personality. This bedroom color inspiration tries to presents the warm personality of grey to give a welcome warm greeting at the end of your day.

11. Seducing Peach

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Bored with any neutral color, peachy blush will give you high impact of softness affection after your long day. Add this to your bedroom to taste the effect of peachy blush to full fill your lack of spirit on yourself. This bedroom color inspiration is perfectly matches for people who has soft affection for anything.

These bedroom color inspiration above are common popular nowadays. Many people choose that colors for their bedroom to represent themselves personality. However, if you are not interest with all of those suggestion above. You may combine two or more ideas or adds another color to give a unique atmosphere that based on your personality.

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