10 Ideas To Reuse Your Old Wine Bottle As Stunning Decorations

Confusing on how did you tackle with mess unused bottle wine. Who would have thought that unused bottle could be re-used again. Whirl your brain and take over your unused wine bottle and turn to useful stuffs. Here, I states 10 ideas on how to tackle your unused wine bottle

01. D.I.Y Bird Feeder

source : pinterest.de

During spring time observing bird feeding something is interesting for some people. Therefore, if you have any unused wine bottle. You may transform this unused bottle to Bird Feeder with your D.I.Y ability. This kind of bottle crafts would help you to attract your favorite bird to come and eat during your spring time.

02. Small Centerpiece

source : thesisterssoiree.com

Are you bored with your blank outdoor dining space. You may change your unused wine bottle to bottle crafts center piece. All you need is clean the unused bottle and lined it up in the middle of your dining space. You may add an additional flower to prettify it.

03. Bedside lamp stand pole

source : pinterest.dk

“Wanna” something different on your bedside. Spill out your D.I.Y ability and change your old bed-side lamp pole to the unique one with old wine bottle. It could create a unique siluet when it turned on.

04. Aroma therapy stand

source : pinterest.com

Do you have a problem with bugs and confuse where should you put the bug repellent. You can use your old wine bottle to create a D.I.Y buttress for the bug repellent or aroma therapy candle. It can keep the bugs away while you enjoy the citronella aroma therapy.

05. Wall decorations

source : pinterest.ru

Tired with your old fence on your yard and interest to make something different. Transform your old wine bottle to D.I.Y decorations on your fence. Then, the D.I.Y fence would create another illusion when it shinning. It would look gorgeous.

06. Artistic soap dispenser

source: pinterest.de

Eliminate plastic bottle as soap dispenser from your bathroom. Transform your old wine bottle into an adorable etched-glass D.I.Y soap dispenser. It would make your bathroom appearance became aesthetic.

07. Bottle shelves

source : pinterest.co.uk

Want a cool and different shelves. Throw away your shelves pole and change it to D.I.Y pole from unused wine bottle.  Combination between bottle and wood would create an aesthetic appearance on your room.   

08. Drinking glass

source : pinterest.com.au

Do you want to re-use your old wine bottle to be a useful stuff. Transform it to drinking glass is a great solution. It would create an eco-friendly and dish washer D.I.Y safe glass.

09. Hanging light

source : muminthemadhouse.com

Bored with your old light decoration. Transform your old wine bottle in to D.I.Y light decoration. The light will reflect unique lights that could different atmosphere on your house. it can be useful to full fill your Christmas or your new year celebration.

10. Table number

source : gongetech.com

Your unused wine bottle can mark your restaurant as the different one. Transform your unused old-bottle wine into D.I.Y table number D.I.Y bottle will bestow luxurious impression from your restaurant.

So, have you considered already? Which one that you should take on faces your unused wine bottle or it is not a patent idea to re-use your unused wine bottle. Your old wine bottle could be any interesting thing based on your own imagination. They key is execution.

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