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10 Inspiration Of Pumpkin Craving To “Frighten” Your Halloween

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Although last Halloween is already missed. Yet, next Halloween still about to come. People nowadays can not celebrate Halloween without pumpkin craving. People compete each other to present the most scariest pumpkin craving to frighten the Halloween atmosphere. Here, I would like to show you the 12 scariest inspiration of D.I.Y pumpkin craving idea last Halloween.  That can inspired you for your pumpkin craving idea on the next Halloween.

01. A Pumpkin With Tongue


On this pumpkin craving idea, Pile up two pumpkin to create this face expression. The fresh one turned to a simple jack-o-lantern expression and the other pumpkin became a mantle of the hair and tongue on the top of the jack-o-lantern one. It takes a few time only and easy to learn.

02.  Caricature Expression

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Bored with frighten expression on your pumpkin. Maybe, your favorite cartoon Mikey mouse can be perfect inspiration for your pumpkin craving idea instead of scary expression. Then, the Mikey mouse pumpkin is another way to entertain your fainthearted kids during Halloween.

03. Tetris Fan Pumpkin


Instead of any facial expression on pumpkin. Tetris pattern is a solution for your pumpkin craving idea to look be different during Halloween.  It’s simple design but fully playable pumpkin tetris.

04. Toothy Pumpkin

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Interest with any spooky thing for your Halloween? This toothy pumpkin expression would your Halloween to be frightened. This pumpkin craving idea require a handful of toothpicks on your Jack on lantern mouth to give the scary expression.

05. Superhero Symbol of Pumpkin

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There is another idea for your pumpkin craving idea. Instead of facial expression, your favorite superhero logo could represent your fearless personality. All you need just crave and cut along your pumpkin based on the guideline of the superhero logo

06. Jack-o-Lantern Water Tapper

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Who would have thought that Jack o Lantern can not be a useful decoration. This pumpkin craving idea is a great solution to spice up your upcoming Halloween party with a useful jack o pumpkin wine bottle. It’s an easy process to follow and You may D.I.Y in an afternoon before party. All you need just crave the pumpkin based on certain pattern but crave base of pumpkin to put the water storage.

07. Classic Video Game Fans Pumpkin

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Bored with cartoon or tetris game pattern. This following pumpkin craving idea will be interesting for next Halloween. Along with a wonderful design like classic Video Game like Mortal Kombat craved on pumpkin instead of Jack O lantern.

08. Pumpkin Pride

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Football fans find another to full fill their Halloween. They shows their dedication to their team and states through pumpkin craving idea. It’s an easy process to crave your initial team, mascot, or college. Even, it’s has no correlation with the real game situation. But, this pumpkin craving idea won’t hurt.

09.  Typography Pumpkin

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Bored with any expression or weird pattern on your pumpkin. Uses detailed shaving technique to spill this words. you may also combine this pumpkin craving idea with your painting skill to make it more interesting.

10. Party Hard Jack

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Frightened expression of Jack O Lantern is common on pumpkin craving. Therefore, this pumpkin craving idea has different expression. Instead of Frightened expression, Jack looks so weak and vomited. This version of Jack would give comedy impression on your house during your Halloween season.

Beside all of those suggestions above, there are a lot of inspiration that you could do to create any pumpkin craving idea for your Halloween. Pumpkin is an easy shaping fruit. You don’t need an expert skill of craving to creating a pumpkin craving idea. An average craving skill and a few tools is enough to transform a bunch of pumpkin into a lot of different expression.


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