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10 Inspirations Of DIY Headboards To Complete Your Sweet Dream

Bed should be desirable and safe place for relax and chilling. Bed also should be interesting for a great night’s sleep. Many people tried to prettify their bed to present these great atmospheres. Sometimes these relax atmosphere comes from having a great headboard on your bed.

Further, presenting a great headboard is no longer difficult. There are 10 ideas of D.I.Y headboard that can prettify your bed room appearance. All of these designs are easy and applicable that you can make it at home.

01. Old Door Head Board


Instead of throw away your old door. Transform this old door to an adorable headboard is more recommendable to do. This D.I.Y headboard is easy to make. You may make this adorable stuff in less than a day. Because all you need just cut the old door into certain size then add some chair molding and little chair around. Besides, it’s affordable you can make it in less than 25 bucks.

02. D.I.Y Tufted headboard

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Interest with tufted stuff. You may use tufted style on this D.I.Y headboard. This process is affordable for you who had limited budget.

Before you start, you may choose your own shape first. Any fabric and foam on hand also require on create this headboard. Then, cut the shape on your plywood. Cover it with fabric and some foam. Them cover it again with fabric.

This process would cost less than $100. In addition, if you want to cut your budget corner. You may use any unused fabric material laying around your house.

03. Painted Headboard


Whether you already have a blank headboard around. Yet, I have an excellent idea for you to dressed your plain headboard. Spill your painting ability is a based on making this D.I.Y headboard.  Turn your headboard into a canvas and paint anything that you like on them.

This rope painted D.I.Y headboard would give a fresh and breathtaking atmosphere on your bed and on your room. It’s also give raised up a good feeling for those who sleep there all-night.

04. Old Window Headboard


Beside unused door, any unused old window also recommendable material for your new D.I.Y headboard. All you need just paint them into any color that you want then screw them on the wall. This built in headboards would give rustic and old country atmosphere and relaxing on your bed room.   

05. Antique Window Headboard


Instead of the ordinary window D.I.Y headboard above. If you want to feel a bit different atmosphere on your bed. Switch your ordinary headboard with this D.I.Y antique window headboard. It would transform your room atmosphere to steampunk. Patch and screw these antique window in lined on your wall over the bed. It is an easy and affordable process. It takes less than one hour to completes; Therefore, you may get the window from any flea market around.

06. Old-Vintage Barn Headboard

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Have a lot of old barn around? An old wooden barn waste is no longer a junk. You can use them to give another impression on your bed. Change your old headboard into this unique barn headboard. Patch and plain the wooden barn in a lined on the wall over the bed then stain it. In the other hand, you may leave it plain to strengthen rustic impression on your bed. This D.I.Y headboard making process is easy and could be finish in a few hours before bedtime.

07. Book-Craft Headboard


This D.I.Y headboard is perfectly match for book wormed. It’s bouts for those who has a number of book laying around your house. in the other hand, instead of crafting your old books. You can also seek for some old books from local flea market. All you need just patches these books in a lined into the wall over the bed and nail it. Further, this process need a measurement to ensure the mattress height and the perfect spot where it should be placed.

08. Upholstered Headboard

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Instead of change your former headboard. Upholstering is also great idea. It’s an easy process of D.I.Y headboard to do, and it’s also flexible to adapt any beautiful design for your headboard. Upholstering process results elegant atmosphere on your bed. Additional cutting plywood with fabric covers would strengthen the elegant atmosphere. Thus, upholstered headboard resolved confident and comfortable atmosphere on your bed.

09. Night-Life Headboard

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This D.I.Y headboard is suitable to your kids. Covers your kid’s plywood headboard with their favorite color and their amusement. For example, on this article I stated a night-life head board with house pattern led lights.

This blue covered and house patterned plywood could be an optional for you. Place any small LED lights from unused Christmas

10. Hidden Storage Headboard


Faces a lack of space on your bed room for your private stuff? An extra space inside your headboard would be suitable for you. It’s the easiest D.I.Y headboard suggestion on this article. You don’t need to build any hidden places inside those thing. All you need just find some drawers in a various sources and shapes then paint it into same color with the wall. It would create a beautiful look yet it still functional to keep any utilities.

Headboard is the heart of bed atmosphere on the whole room. Customizing headboard is the key on increase the positive atmosphere on your bed. All these ideas are easy to apply on customizing your headboard over your bedroom. These D.I.Y headboard is flexible design, you may combine between two or more ideas to give a best result.

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