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10 Ways How To Maintain Your Teenager Boy’s Room

Most teenager would spent most of their time on their room than the whole house. Since they start to think that they need a bit privation on their life. They starts to invite their friends come along on their room for study or just laying around. Thus, maintaining a room for teenager should be cope as aspects that they would study, lay over, and hang with their friends. Teenager room should provide a space for them to express their own personality separate from the rest of the house. There are 10 ideas on teenager boy room decoration.

01. Give Them An Avowal Through Camo and Military Aesthetic

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Military stick with muscular impression. It is related to teenager spirit that they want an avowal from the world of their muscularity. Then, set this teenager bedroom idea of military aesthetic touch would satisfy their inner desire. They will start to feel that their family accept them as teenager not a kid anymore.

02. Make An Exhibition Room For Their Collections

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Most teenager like to spend their money to buy their favorite stuff such as die cast, shoes, caps, skate board. This teenager bedroom idea would satisfy your teenager inner desire. This teenager bedroom idea use your teenager collection to be an accessories for their room.

03. High sleep with a high sleeper.

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High sleeper bed is a solution for your who faces lack of space of your boy room. This teenager bedroom design formed multiple space in two different level. One for sleep and one for study. Besides, you may add an edgy tone color on the wall such as grey or black to give a grown up feel.

04. Bored with ordinary wallpaper, chalk board wallpaper can be a solution.

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You had a struggle on choosing a wallpaper for your teenager room design. Chalk board wall-painted could be a great solution instead of an ordinary wallpaper. Chalk board wall-painted also useful as your teenager agenda. They could write their schedule there.

05. Blue is old fashioned, let’s change to orange

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Do you think blue is old fashioned or bored with blue tones of grown up boy room. You may change the basic blue turn to lightning orange as a wall paint on your teenager bedroom design. Then, you may combine it with monochrome or stipes pattern on their bed furniture.

06. Satisfy their desire to baseball with give basketball theme on their room.

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Confusing on maintaining a teenager bedroom design? Go and observe on your boy. Maybe he had a great desire in baseball and dreamed to be baseball athlete. Baseball theme could be a solution on decorating their room. You may give them a baseball decoration and baseball furniture for them.

07. Let them choose their room’s color

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Whether your son have a favorite color. Let them choose it as teenager room design. it could help them to start a good spirit on their bedroom everyday.

08. Fresh will faces the dark

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When you realize that your son likes something different. You may add these taste for their teenager bedroom design. Talk with them deeper about their own desire of color. Place the color faces each other in contrast. Especially for fresh color will be better if you face it with dark color. It will make a great contrast atmosphere on their room.

09. Cool ocean blue

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If your feel that your guys room is too boring with the natural blue. You may choose this ocean blue suggestion. It could make a relax ocean atmosphere for teenager room design. Then, he would get the feeling that he does not want to live his bedroom.

10. Make them dreamed about the world with an oversize map

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Your boys interest to surround the world or he likes geography subject at school. You may add an oversize map instead of a wallpaper on your teenager bedroom design. Then, it could combine with other furniture that relate with the oversize map, such as union jack flag.

For teenager, their room is their world. Thus, this 10 teenager bedroom design is an applicable and flexible design. Whether your teenager likes an addition items. you may combine these ideas with another items also.

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