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10×10 Bedroom Ideas We Love


When it comes to having a small bedroom whether you stay in a big or small apartment, you don’t need to do so much to decorate your bedroom. As we know, it’s a place where we have our conversation with our spouse, stay up all night, relax and sometimes drink our coffee in the late night. Designing such a cozy bed in 10×10 size sometimes makes us dizzy, right? How to organize it well, to put some decoration away, or clear out any cluttered furniture. Don’t be worried here I have some affordable, charming, and chic 10×10 bedroom ideas for you. For more details, let’s have a look at these following ideas!

01. Bright and Light Decor


First, take bright and light decoration into your bedroom. Whether the ceiling, wall paint, bedding, furniture or the lights. A bright and light decor will make your room looks organized, elegant and it contains a light color that can reflect it. The result is stunning and brighten your space.

02. Homey Corner Bedding


Then, you can store your bed in the corner of your room. In this case, almost all people prefer to store it in the center of the wall. However, you can tuck your bed up in the corner of your room. It will create a snug and cozy sleeping area.

03. Minimalist Style


This is the most popular style nowadays. A minimalist style for 10×10 bedroom is a great idea for any size. No need to much decoration that can clutter your bedding. You just need to put the furniture you need. Even better, you can opt sleek and built-ins for additional storage.

04. Creative Hanging Lights


Furthermore, inviting homey bedding can be done by installing any lights. There are tons of lights ideas you can pick. This hanging pendant lamp has an extraordinary design and paired with modern design will create an appealing and elegant ambiance into your room.

05. Floating Shelves


Also, if you’re in the market for a new bed or furniture, you can buy floating shelves. Due to your space is limited, you can store it above your bedding. It’ll cause your room to feel crowded and cluttered. Feel free to put any decorations on it.

06. Cozy Bed


All people dream of having a cozy bed. You may buy a new small bed in the market in any design you desire. Furthermore, if you like color, but prefer a black, white or grey room to make your small area feel bigger. Meanwhile, you can opt for a classy nightstand, pretty wall decor or wool rug for your small bedroom.

07. Wagon Chandelier


Finally, this small bedroom is also stunning by installing an old-fashioned light from a wagon wheel. Finding the right lighting can be tricky for any bedroom. When you have a small bedroom, you have to think creatively. This wheel chandelier could be perfect light for your small bedroom due to it can give a classic style.

Is it very exciting, isn’t it? Though your bedroom is small, you can make it as stunning as you dream of. Yet, be sure to pick colors and texture that feel good in your room. Best of luck!

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