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5 Living Room Designs On A Budget That Will Make An Impressive Look

A small living room doesn’t mean you lose the opportunity to have a stylish and functional simple living room. Arranging small living room furniture can be a challenge, but simple living rooms are often easier to arrange compared to large living rooms.


In addition to making it easier to tidy up a small living room, there are tricks to organize a simple living room that can make your simple living room more attractive to look at and certainly more comfortable for anyone visiting.
The main design rules for arranging small living room furniture are no different than in a large room; choose furniture that fits your space and doesn’t force them to put all your items in. The following is a simple living room design inspiration that will prove the phrase “more simpler, better”.

01. Simple furniture gives more space


Choose furniture with lighter pieces, such as dark chairs to provide additional seating. This will give more space to your simple living room than inserting two sofas or armchairs that have a larger volume. Simple chairs or furniture has advantages in a more aerodynamic form and gives a lighter feel to the room. Also, choose a simple TV table and wall shelf.

02. Choose Multifunctional Furniture


Choose furniture that has multifunctionality or functions as furniture as well as decoration. For example, in the concept of a simple living room, you can use a coffee table and an ottoman chair made of leather. In addition, the inside of the ottoman can be pulled out and becomes a storage drawer.
Small spaces usually lack storage space. When decorating a simple living room, adding a cabinet can be a solution because the cabinet can be a bookcase and a cute decoration. Maximize space under the table. Even a small corner can be a place for wall shelves. Use every available space as well as you can, but you need to be careful, storage containers and cabinets can quickly fill small spaces, so you can get back stuck with the problem of running out of space again.
One example of multifunctional furniture that you can choose from is a sofa bed. In addition to saving space, the right sofa bed can also save your expenses. Because the price of sofa beds tends to be cheaper than buying a bed set.

03. Wearing Wall Art and Decoration


Putting some tall elements, such as wall art mounted rather high, bookshelves or floor lamps will draw attention to the vertical space and help divert attention from the spacious living room. You can place a flat screen on a simple living room wall to replace the many paintings and photographs. Install a digital photo album containing family photos or moments to be remembered with your friends on the screen instead of conventional photo frames.

04. Pay attention to Small Size Furniture


The living room in the picture above is really just a corner in an apartment, but notice some furniture that is key in its arrangement – a sofa, coffee table, guest chair, or bookshelf. At first glance, the size of these objects may look too big for a small living room, but the arrangement of furniture in the picture leaves only the key furniture.
Don’t place too many sofas or benches so that the large size looks appropriate in a simple living room. You can change it a bit like moving a flower vase on the table with a small tray used to place food jars or beverage containers ready to be served every time a guest arrives.

05. Simple Living Room Must Be Functional


Because the living room is one of the centers of daily activities, you need to consider aspects of its functionality. Even so, the design of a simple living room must still be made simple, neat, and far from the impression of a mess and narrow. The key to the above design is to put things in their place and you must keep them organized.
For example, you can choose a three-seat sofa and also a wall shelf to save space. A single sofa makes this living room feel comfortable but not too crowded. Placing a bookshelf on a wall with a choice of dark colors will make the bookshelf itself seem to recede from view, giving the impression of a larger, simple living room.
When choosing colors for simple living room decorations, safe colors are neutral colors. Small rooms look best with a palette of three colors and are perfect for a white-colored decoration scheme. When choosing furniture with larger sizes, such as sofas, floor lamps or bookshelves, stick to the solid colors and colors of real wood. If you can’t use neutral colors in all furniture and simple living room decorations, consider a wall with wallpaper.

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