6 Modern Landscaping Front Yard Ideas

A well groom landscaping front yard is like a good makeup for a house. They reveal the initial of a house itself. So undeniably that a good landscaping front yard should have the general theme of the house. While planning to create the front yard, you need to consider some works and materials to invest for further years to come.

This time, we will talk about modern one, which needs to be more minimalist and sparse. They use earth colors, limite using divergent colors, use creative stone arrangement, and show the clean lines. Here are some designs you can copy to yours:

01. Stepping stones and pavers

Courtesy of istones.com.au

The clean line of solid pavers are combined perfectly with the round stones. Spread the round stones out of the pavers lining pathways.

02. Horizontal fences

Courtesy of skillofking.com

As we say above, modern design is identical to clean lines. And it works for fencing. Choose the clean horizontal fences. The materials can be vinyl, Aluminum, wood and steel.

03. Metallic house number

Courtesy of etsy.com

The modern house number should be simple, classy and clear. The recommended materials would be Aluminum, bras or chrome.

04. Grass insets

Courtesy of globalsynturf.com

The modern house applies the pavements in gap so that the grass can grow. The color combination of white or gray pavements and green grass create such sharper look and it lasts longer. So, it is counted as your investment either.

05. Cinder blocks garden

Modern houses keep their relevance to the front garden. To create unusual yet modern look, work on cinder blocks. You can create certain dimension as you wish. But remember to make it less dominant so it won’t steal too many space.

06. Large planters

Courtesy of sadburg.com

The large planters equal to the modern design. Once said, the larger, the better. There are various shapes you can choose, such as square, round, conical or tubular.

The landscaping front yard ideas above give you specific statements to the modern aspect. It is okay to combine two styles, but no more. We can say that applying the modern pavements combined with farmhouse fence is also acceptable. Thus, every detail you give to the landscaping front yard defines your personal taste and style. As stated before, the front yard should give an initial welcome. People will easily think of the interior design after seeing the front yard design, whether it is modern, farmhouse style, or any others. Just do what you love and display what you need to show people.

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