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6 Modern Minimalist Bedroom to Inspire You

Having a small room will not stop you to build such a cozy bedroom. Though, you lack space you can build your own. I have some ideas on how to make a small bedroom with a simple design, effortless, yet result in stylish. As we know, if we have modern and luxurious design ideas, they often tell us that we need to have a sitting area, small office, mounted TV, or king-size bedroom. So, how’s the smart design? Read on this following idea!

01. Corner Bed


Sometimes people forget that corner space is very useful for any reason. So, don’t forget to use your corner to build a bedroom. Maximize your floor space by tucking your bed up against a wall or corner. Then, you will get a sleeping area that feels snug and cozy.

02. Basement Bedroom Ideas


Using the basement as a bedroom is not as bad as. It could be very interesting when you can turn your bedroom into a snug bedroom. Tuck your bedroom in it then complete with bookshelves next to the bed. With a simple design, cozy feel and artsy decoration, this small bedroom could be one of great. Also, you can add a greenery season to make the room looks fresher.

03. Minimalist Design


Maximize your space with this minimalist bed. You can use window space to create a floating desk by putting plywood on the wall. This floating desk will not eat up your space, so don’t be a worry.

04. Small Bedroom with Monochrome Design


This tiny bedroom is one of interesting bedroom ever. You can opt for monochrome for your bedroom theme. A great combination of black and white can make the room create a warm and cozy ambiance. Besides, you can optimize the light colors to make your small space looks bigger.

05. Loft Living


Loft living is one of great to opt for those who have small space. Just because you don’t have enough space, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t make a dreamy bedroom. This loft living bed is suitable for both small and big rooms. You can pick any design ideas based on your taste, from rustic to contemporary.

06. Storage Under The Bed


You can have storage under your bed. It will keep all your things, so your small space will not look more crowded. Again, it’s a smart way to transform your space into a useful bedroom. Either way, be careful to choose colors and texture that will good in your room.
That’s all about the smart small bedroom you can copy. Feel free to mix and match your room, so it will be the coziest space for you.

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