6 Steps On How To Build A Backyard Deck Like A Professional

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Due the raise of people interest to farm house nowadays. It’s also make people attention on a deck raised along with it. Many people tried to present a deck on their back yard. Because deck can be a place for them to stay and enjoy their lives. Deck also useful to observe a wild life around the house.

In addition, build a proper deck is not an easy job to do. It’s need a well plan, preparation and calculation before you start it. Then, in this article I would to give you some tips to build a backyard deck like a professional.

But, before i give you the tips. i would like to suggest you to prepare the equipment first such as.


  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk Line
  • Level
  • Post Level
  • Speed Square
  • Saw
  • Impact Driver
  • Nailer And Compressor
  • Shovel


  • Concrete Forming Tube
  • Post Hole Concrete
  • Posts
  • Joists
  • Joist Hanger
  • Stair Stinger
  • Boards
  • Deck Railing
  • Deck Crew

01. Planning Steps

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On the first steps before you start your building steps. You need to make calculation about anticipate placement, size, and function on your deck plans. Then, you might set an accessible space that suitable with your landscape and support your outdoor lifestyle.

Observe more on your building material and style accents. There are a lot of options from classic pressure treated lumber until weather resistant wood composite. Further, there  are plenty of adorable deck designs and layouts. It’s your decision to choose the one.

02. Build The Deck Layout And Framework

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On the second steps, after the planning steps. Then, to realize your deck you need to create a basic building that useful to be a foundation, beams, joists, and decking on your backyard.

Further, you need to make sure that your deck has a proper foundation support. such as a ledger board or posts. Tied them with a string, screws, and batter boards to set your plan lay out

Therefore, your measuring level will be your biggest assets for the precision and accuracy.

Place your foundation with spacing then, add a posts. Use more strings for more alignment. Place the plumb bobs it will help you to mark the spot that you can add your stakes

03. Start Building

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On this steps, the extra hand will be necessary.  Ensure that you already have a permit to breaking the ground. Therefore, you need to confirm a special building requirements on your post holes. Dig below on the foundation point, then consults with building department if it’s need an inspection or not,before continue to the next steps.
Place out the landscape fabric and cut it on the opening of post holes. Then after the set up between the mixture of concrete and the building code level set the layout strings to ensure that each post is centered perfectly. Pour gravel over the rest of your landscape fabric, and make your footings to settle there in a few days.

Then, set on your posts that the top of the beam should be line up. When you already place the cleats on each of your posts, put the beam above them and then secure it place. Wearing a face mask, cut off the remaining block of wood from each of your posts.
And finally the foundation already established.

04. Build

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This steps is the heaviest steps on the whole process.Then, this steps also require you to get an assistance from other people.

Start your building process with build the frame with rim joists from the perimeter deck first. Next, Add some spaced beams of wood to your floor joists. Tied your joists with corner brackets, then put it on the hanger and hurricane ties.

Next, after the frame is complete, you need to set down the boards then drill two nail each joists along each plank. Set a nail between the decking boards or allow enough space on the drainage.
Grooved boards are another available option that hide visible nails or screws.
In a few board, you to measure tape to check that they are still on the track along with the deck plans. Maintain string as an instruction to cut excess wood from the edges of your frame.
Your building deck steps almost done, now it’s the time to add a stairs.

05. Set The Stairs

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Then, after the basic decking already set up. Next, you will need a staircase. When you need a break or want it done quickly. You might purchase the pre cut stairs from the closets store or online.

When you have the material that you needs then mark them on part that the stairs should be meet the deck. Then,attach your stringer with a support brackets or bolts as needed. When the stairs is finish. Then, you are ready to finish the entire steps.

06. Finishing Time

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This steps is a finishing steps, when you already on this steps mean that your deck already set up but not yet ready.
Then, upgrade your deck appearance with stylish pre-assembled railing on the balusters to be a complement of your deck. Meanwhile this accents also give your deck an extra polish. Install everything that relate to lattice skirting, fascia, or post caps as the finishing touch. Check the safety, Do last building inspection before let your family go to your deck. Then, apply the weather sealer for protection.
When you already finish all of the steps, set your building with modern furnishings, container plants, or any other outdoor decor trends.
In short, after follow all of the steps above. Then, your new backyard deck is ready for BBQ party. Have a nice day!

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