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7 Best Curtain Ideas for A Gorgeous Living Room

Decorating windows with curtain are a perfect way to add style and color, especially for your living room. The curtain usually is from, linen, silk or cotton. There are also so many designs for living room curtain, vintage, modern, shabby chic, minimalist and lots more.

To invest such a chic and pretty curtain to your living room, you need to look at your living room design, thus it can create a great combination. Whether you pick to apply your living room curtains to fit into the basic elements of your design or feature them as an accent piece, here are some suggestions to get you started.

01. Brown with Pattern Curtain


When you’re working with a piece of neutral, brown furniture in your living room, then consider matching your curtains to the primary color in the scheme. With brown color and pretty pattern can help to create such a cozy vibe into your living room.

02. Go with Two Colours


Uniting color is also a great way to add style to your living room. Using it in iron panels that border more tone-down will not distract another style in your living room. This curtain has a great combination with the pillowcase.

03. Vintage Flower Curtain


Do you like vintage? Do you want to invite a vintage vibe into your living room? You can invite a vintage vibe into your living room by applying this vintage flower curtain. With pretty color and flower pattern which are looking incredible your living room will feel warm and homey.

04. Curtain with Texture Warmth


For a living room that brings the outdoors inside, it softens the rustic style by being just sheer enough to diffuse light as it comes through the window. For this. you can install a curtain with warm texture and neutral color. No need pattern for this room, just works with a neutral.

05. Big Flower Style


If your living room has a long wall, consider playing with those dimensions by using big flower pattern in alternating colors. You can hold the colors neutral so you aren’t cutting the thought of size in your living room. Then, remember to hang them high.

06. Go in Neutral


Cozy, vintage, warm designs like these never go out of style for living room designs. They can be chic and warm in a room with rich, natural wood furniture. Then, they can also set off a vintage, rustic or farmhouse when incorporated with a variety of patterns and textures.

07. Gingham Pattern


A simple but elegant and classic gingham pattern in a soft, neutral color saves the day. This curtain is looking so warm for your living room, whether your living room goes with rustic or farmhouse chic. Being paired with the dark panel and black ceiling light create a perfect unity.

There are many choices to make your living room stylish by installing a curtain. You can choose freely for the fabric – linen, cotton or silk. So, just go for it.

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