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7 Brilliant Bedroom Designs On A Budget

The bedroom is the most important resting place. But, what if you have a narrow bedroom design? Bedroom design on a budget may be the best way to resolve your problem. Thinking about the area for storage, maximizing the function of the room to find design inspiration to create the dream bedroom is not easy.


I know exactly what kind of dilemma you face when you have to deal with narrow bedroom design. Lots of tips and tips about narrow bedroom designs that you can apply, from creating storage at the bottom of the bed to choosing versatile furniture for the right space solution.

01. Make use of the Ceiling Room Area for Narrow Bedroom Designs


For narrow bedroom design, the challenge is to create an extra flat surface. So it’s time you start thinking creatively and see gaps that are often overlooked. Yes! Where else if not the ceiling of your bedroom.
Hanging the bedroom decor at the top not only frees the lower area to become wider, but also attracts attention and perspective for a more flexible narrow bedroom design. This effect will give the illusion of a narrower volume bedroom design.
Instead of a bed lamp that is on a small shelf in narrow bedroom design, just use a chandelier from the ceiling of the room. This will create vertical lines perpendicular and empty space at the bottom. Thus the narrow bedroom design will feel lighter, spacious and stylish.


Narrow Bedroom Design Tip #1:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorative lights in an artistic style. The bolder the style of the chandelier you place in the narrow bedroom design, the lighting effect can even make it luxurious. You can also experiment with curtains and window curtains, that is by hanging the curtains from the ceiling and not the window frames.

02. Take advantage of the walls of the room


Finished with the ceiling in your narrow bedroom design, we move on to another surface, the wall.
Because large pieces of furniture such as beds dominate the floor of the room, the best way to create more room flow is to hang wall decorations. This arrangement will create the illusion of a more flexible interior theme in the design of your narrow bedroom.


Furniture that has a storage function such as cabinet drawers or small tables like other side tables can also be used. Thus, it will create an extra area to be inserted with a style basket to the place of shoes.
It’s a good idea for you to also use professional installation services if you intend to hang a medium to large-sized furniture against the wall to ensure the condition of the furniture that is functioning properly and safely in the narrow bedroom design.


Narrow Bedroom Design Tip #2:

Don’t just stop looking for a special wall shelf for the bed. In Dekoruma, there are many choices of cool storage cabinets that are designed for living rooms but are also effective when used in your narrow bedroom design.

03. Extra Features for Bed Walls


Make the wall of your bed as the main star in your narrow bedroom design. Thus, you can have a narrow bedroom design that has character and also attracts attention. Many ways to create creative bed walls, for example, using bedroom paint colors with different colors, using wallpaper walls, and using a beautiful bed headboard. The goal is to create a small gallery in your narrow bedroom design with a different personal style.


Narrow Bedroom Design Tip #3:

Especially for you who choose a headboard for your narrow bedroom design, choose decorative elements that are not typical, aka unique. Both in terms of design, material or color, make sure you choose something that reflects your character. Also, add pillows and soft bolsters to make the atmosphere of your narrow bedroom design more comfortable.
Also, make sure you use a quality mattress or spring bed to keep you comfortable and the quality of your sleep will improve. Choose mattresses with well-known brands, such as Serta or The Luxe which have the best quality.

04. More Flexible by Folding


To save on your narrow bedroom floor area design, especially for bed furniture that is usually the most dominating, just use furniture that is flexible or can be folded.
You can also glance at other folding furniture such as folding tables for study or dressing table. There are also other creative storage that can be tucked easily after being folded so you can have brilliant hidden places for your things.
One folding furniture for narrow bedroom design is a bed that doubles as a sofa or also called a sofa bed. With this furniture, you can have a place to welcome guests and still be able to look stylish at any time.


Narrow Bedroom Design Tip #4:

Add decorative components on the surface of the folding furniture that you have, either with DIY techniques such as painted or hanging decorations that are practical for the appearance of a narrow bedroom design that is increasingly attractive.

05. Carefully Function the Bedroom Door


The size and function of the door for the maximum narrow bedroom design must be considered carefully. The direction of opening and closing the door also determines the remaining space in your narrow bedroom design. Not infrequently the door opens to the inside of the bedroom so that it takes up the remaining space and makes impractical traffic.
If this is an obstacle that you encounter in your narrow bedroom design, then consider replacing a traditional door with a stylish sliding or folding door. Usually, these practical doors are more efficient in saving space and remain effective in protecting the bedroom.


The function of the door in a narrow bed design can also be enriched by using different materials such as transparent glass. With the reflective effect on the door, the room will feel free and not so narrow anymore.

Narrow Bedroom Design Tip #5:

You can still have a stylish door in the narrow bedroom design by choosing a handle or door handle that is decorative and different from the others. For a uniform theme throughout the entire narrow bedroom design, choose the same door handle as the cabinet drawer handle.

06. Brilliant Mirror Touch


For narrow bedroom designs, mirrors are the most effective interior aides. Medium to large mirrors can be placed almost anywhere and still look elegant and stylish. The mirror not only makes the room appear twice as big, but it will also reflect the reflection of light.

Narrow Bedroom Design Tip #6:

Using several mirrors at once with an artistic style you can also apply in the narrow bedroom design. This mirror gallery can appear in various shapes, sizes and themes to create a feature of the wall that is free.

07. Choose a Distinctive Brave Design


For a small bedroom design that is full of character, try to choose a theme that is inclined to other interior styles, unique, and different. Choose a bold style that reflects your taste and at the same time distracts from the size of the small restroom. Start experimenting with wall colors, bed sheet colors to unusual wall wallpapers. Unique details on the furniture will also be very helpful to animate the narrow bedroom design

Narrow Bedroom Design Tip # 7:

For stylish interior saving tips, use beautiful cushions to attract attention. Don’t forget to play with bright and striking colors like black to metallic for an extra dramatic style touch.

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