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7 Homey Farmhouse Furniture to Give Coziness in Your Living Room

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Inviting a farmhouse design in any space at home can be done by investing furniture. What is the farmhouse? The farmhouse is a style that describes design which is natural, basic, rough, and warm. Farmhouse styles are very chic and timeless. The characteristics of farmhouse design are using wood as element, aged, and sometimes it looks like rustic.

In this era, we can freely mix and match farmhouse design with other designs (modern, contemporary or vintage). With the unique and natural beauty of farmhouse furniture, we can get a warm and homey home in any space at home.

One of the most crucial and rooms in our home is a living room. To invite a farmhouse in the living room, we can invest in any farmhouse furniture. Thus, I will share with you some inspiring farmhouse living room furniture ideas. For more details, let’s take a look following ideas!

01. White Iron Chair


A farmhouse design brings a natural vibe and homey ambiance, we can see that most furniture is stained in natural color. For your living room, you can invite a farmhouse vibe from this chair. It’s an iron chair that is stained up in white color. The result is aged yet chic and modern.

02. Faded Cabinet


This ancient cabinet not only to store your collection, but it could also be a decoration to attract your living room. With the faded coming, it can bring such an eye-catching farmhouse vibe to your living room. To complete it, add any decoration on this cabinet like greenery season, photo frame and another decoration.

03. Treasure Box


The farmhouse is connected with rugged and aged. This coffee table looks so old with dark brown color. If you feel tired of the common coffee table, you can install this table. Looking like a treasure box which resulting in antique and stylish. You can add rusty decoration to fulfill this coffee table, thus it’ll look more aged.

04. Buffet


Storing any collection in a living room sometimes can be a problem for us. Yet, from now on, you can use a buffet to put your collection. It has a pretty look with a classic white color. To get more farmhouse feel put any accessories like wool fabric, rusty basket, rugged or any old-fashioned decoration.

05. Coffee Table


This farmhouse coffee table makes me so amazed. It has an extraordinary design that is aged and has a rough texture. Having this coffee table in a living room area can impress everyone who sees it. Add flower and candles to this table to get such an appealing look.

06. Chair


A table needs a chair. This chair is aged yet still looks pretty. Inviting a farmhouse vibe with this chair which has a gold touch and white color creates a great combination. You can incorporate this chair with a rugged coffee table and add a pallet box as a table decoration.

07.  Sofa Bed


In farmhouse design, we can see that most furniture is stained in natural color. For your living room, the beauty of natural color can invite farmhouse vibe and create such an appealing ambiance in this room. Investing a sofa bed in the living room with natural color and linen fabric can invite farmhouse feel. Moreover, you can throw a pillow on it covered with another fabric.

The farmhouse is all about something natural, aged, yet resulting in beauty design. Let’s try to invite a farmhouse feel by installing old-fashioned, aged and rugged furniture in your living room. Try it now!

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