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7 Living Room Stuffs That Will Enchance Your Mood

The living room stuff should be able to give a good mood in our daily life. However, did you know that 80% of families in America are not happy with the furniture and decoration of their living room? Of course, you don’t want to feel the way they feel in the decoration of your family room, right?


Another thing you need to know is that a family room that has good, neat, and clean visuals and of course comfortable can help the mental and psychological health of its inhabitants. Conversely, if the family room is a mess, not only is the mood disturbed, but this will provide negative energy to the residents. This is because the family room is where many activities occur.

01. Personal collection as a living room decoration

As said before, the family room is a fairly personal space where you can do various activities with your family or hobbies that you enjoy. For that, give room for your personal collection in the family room decor.
If you are a fan of fiction books, a bookshelf might be the right choice. However, if the bookshelf feels too suffocating, you can use multifunctional furniture that can provide space for you to place your favorite readings.


For those of you who like vinyl records, a favorite gramophone can fill one corner of your family room. The vinyl record you have can be a decorative element in the decoration of your family room.
With the presence of various personal collections in the decoration of the family room, naturally, the atmosphere of the family room becomes much more comfortable.

02. Decorating a living room with a personal touch


In addition to personal collections, adding a personal touch is also a surefire way to make family room decor feel homey. The simplest personal touch you can give as a family room decoration is your collection of photo frames of yourself and your family.
If you have artistic talent, making a family room as a private art gallery is also not a bad idea. As long as you don’t disturb the space for activity, this can be a good thing. Various wall hangings are the safest choice, but you can also be creative with other crafts as family room decorations.

03. Sofa for family room decoration


The sofa has become a mandatory thing in the family room. Many activities are carried out on the couch. So, make sure the sofa that you choose as a family room decoration is the most comfortable. Sofa bed can be an alternative choice for a comfortable sofa because of its flexibility to be used sitting or lying down. Bean bags can also be added as a complement. So, the family room is not only a gathering place, but also as a playroom decoration.
For decorating a small family room, placing a sofa set against the wall is the most effective way to expand the space for space. However, for large family rooms, avoid applying the same thing, because this not only makes the family room feel like a hall, but also reduces the impression of intimacy and intense.


One of the living room stuff that usually complements the sofa is a pillow. Adding a pillow to the sofa can increase the comfort of the sofa. Because the family room is used by all family members, make sure the number of pillows is adequate. In addition, choose a decorative pillow with comfortable material and size that not only suits your needs, but also proportional to the size of the sofa you have.
In addition, some other furniture that can complement the sofa set that you have can vary depending on your needs and the area of ​​the room you have. Adding a side table or coffee table is usually a must. Couch or ottoman can also sweeten your family room.

04. Comfortable carpet

To add a sense of comfort, decorating the family room on the floor is usually equipped with carpet. However, many are mistaken in applying the size of the carpet as a decoration of the living room and family.


Carpets with a smaller size than the sofa set can provide visual disproportionate living room decor. Make sure the carpet at least has the same area or a little wider than the sofa set. The spacious carpet will also provide a wider visual effect on the room.
Be sure to choose carpet material that is not just comfortable, but also easy to clean. Of course, activities on the living room carpet are so many and varied that the carpet must always feel clean.

05. Additional lighting

In order for maximum activity in the family room, the lighting in this room must be arranged as closely as possible.
Use the main light with a light that is able to evenly distributed throughout the room. The choice of ceiling lights or chandeliers is not a problem. However, for chandeliers make sure the height of the lamp is not too low.


For room corners that are still dark, you can add additional lights through the standing lamp or wall lamp. In order not to dazzle the eyes, put the wall lamp a little higher than your line of sight. Reading lights can also be a fitting family room decoration for you who have a hobby of reading.
The addition of the spotlight on the ceiling that highlights your personal collection to your personal touch will also give a dramatic impression that will make decorating the living room much more interesting and fun.

06. Greening in living room decoration

It’s right for the family room to help you feel relaxed and become a place to relieve fatigue. One decorative element that can help you maximize this function in the family room is a plant. Presenting plants as family room decoration is believed to provide a sense of relaxation. Especially living leaf ornamental plants that will make the circulation and humidity of the air in the room better.


According to research from the Journal of Environmental Psychology, plants with flowers such as Anthurium are believed to reduce stress levels. In addition, there are several other plants with special functions; like Sansevieria or also known as tongue-in-law with its ability to absorb radiation from electronic devices such as your TV and smartphone.
Small plants such as cactus or ornamental bamboo can also be a small choice of family room decoration by placing it on the side table, work table, or coffee table. Interesting to try on family room decoration, right?

07. Want to add a TV? Make sure the size is right!


One of the electronic devices that are usually mandatory in family room decoration is the TV. However, you can not just choose a TV for the family room.
Make sure the TV size matches the size and distance from the sofa you have. For sofas over 2 meters away, use a 40 ‘- 50’ TV to make viewing more comfortable. For sofas more than 3 meters away, a 60 ’TV will feel better.


If your TV is placed on a TV table, make sure that the length of the TV table is proportional. Simply put, to make a TV table feel proportionate, the length of the TV table must be 1.5 times longer than the size of the TV. Also, avoid TV tables that are too high so that watching TV still feels comfortable at your sight.
One more thing you need to pay attention to in decorating the living room is not over-decorating it. Although there are many things to decorate a living room, prioritize the freedom of family activities. Do not let the family room become uncomfortable because of limited space.

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