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7 Must-Have Powder Room Design To Enhance Your Quality Time

Adding style and color into the powder room can be done by renovating, decorating or installing any piece of furniture in it. Tons of small bathroom steal you. If you are on a tight budget, don’t be worried here I have some affordable, stylish, and no need to spend much money on it. I have rounded up a bunch of inspirational ideas of a powder room for you to ponder. Let’s have a look!

01. Floral Wall Tile


This powder room uses wall tile in a hexagon shape with flower tile. As you can see, there is more than one flower pattern on this wall tile which is creating an eye-catching look. Installing wall tiles could make this small bathroom look more chic and expensive. This pretty powder room doesn’t need much furniture and decoration, just put a wooden grey vanity and white sleek closet.

02. Wooden Wall Parquet


Do you like the rustic design? This powder room adopts rustic design that almost all the elements use wood material. From the vanity, wall, and mirror frame made of wood without any finishing on the surface. Thus, they are looking rugged, aged and old-fashioned. Then, there is also a stone sink that looks neutral. This small bathroom may look outdated yet resulting in such a fascinating scheme.

03. Add Wallpaper


Besides, you could also go with a modern design. One of the way to make your small bathroom looks modern and stylish is by installing such a pretty bathroom. The wall picks up a light color from a red color of the wallpaper. It creates a cheerful scheme for your bathroom. Furthermore, mixing with white color by installing a white vanity and closet. It creates a great combination.

04. Dark and Moody


This inspirational powder room seems elegant and manly from the black wall paint. You can mix the ceiling and wall in the same color. Then, the flooring uses white marble which is affordable and durable too. To complete it, you can add a gold touch by storing a gold faucet to your powder room. Add greenery from an indoor plant or you may also use an artificial flower.

05. Floating Vanity


Feeling bored with an ordinary vanity, you can change it with this floating vanity. This floating vanity made of wooden which is no need to be stained up. Then, put a round white sink on it to add such a modern feel into your small bathroom. Using dark color could also make your bathroom looks elegant.

06. An Elegant Scheme


It almost the same with the powder room I told before, this powder room also uses wood as the element, whether for wall or flooring. For the flooring, it uses a wooden parquet which may cost a bit lot of money. Yet, it will result in a gorgeous appearance.

07. Two is Better than One


Then, you could also make your small bathroom looks more intriguing by coloring up with two (or more) color. This powder room uses two basic color that creates a sweet escape. Furthermore, around floating closet take advantage of smaller wall space. Add a basket to throw your dirty clothes and a rattan dustbin.

Well, there are many clever ways to make your powder room looks more stylish with any design ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Just design your small bathroom now and you can improve by yourself!

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