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7 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas On A Budget That Look Luxurious

It is undeniable, houses today are available in small sizes due to limited land and high land prices. This also affects the size of the spaces in the house, including the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design is an interior design that is often used by many people because it can create a wider impression than the original.

01. Minimalist kitchen with a touch of gray


This minimalist kitchen is dominated by all-white furniture with gray on the top and bottom cabinets. In addition to giving a little accent to the kitchen, the gray color can create a modern impression and not easily get dirty.
In order to use the kitchen space more efficiently, choose a U-shaped cabinet like this. In addition, you only need to turn around when you want to wash vegetables in the sink or when you want to arrange food. In addition to being minimalist, this kitchen also saves electricity because it has a skylight that becomes the entrance path of sunlight during the day.

02. Minimalist Kitchen Combined with the Dining Area


Are you just married or still single? If so, you can try to apply this minimalist kitchen design. This kitchen has a row of cabinets that can be a dining table. You can put a number of tools such as plates and glasses on wall shelves. While dry food ingredients, you can put in the bottom cupboard. Also hang a few light bulbs to beautify your minimalist kitchen.

03. Minimalist Kitchen that Saves the Use of Lights


This neat little kitchen looks more spacious thanks to the large window beside it. The sun’s light becomes easier to illuminate the inside of the kitchen. Thus you can save the use of lights in the morning and afternoon.

04. Minimalist Kitchen Combined with Contemporary Design


The next minimalist kitchen design is a blend of contemporary designs created by a number of black furniture and cooking utensils, such as light funnels, dining chairs, water taps, toasters, pans, and small plant pots.
One unique element in the contemporary minimalist kitchen combined with the following is a special black wall. You can use this black wall as a drawing medium for the child or to write small notes using chalk that can be erased whenever you want. Exciting, huh?

05. Minimalist Kitchen that feels Warm


A kitchen must not only look beautiful and clean, but also provide comfort for its users. This minimalist kitchen looks clean thanks to the efficient arrangement of cabinets. Some cabinets are made attached to the wall in order to save space and are easily accessible to users.
The form of furniture and furniture used is also simple. The kitchen floor uses wood flooring material that gives a warm and comfortable feel to everyone who is there.

06. All-white Minimalist kitchen


The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in a house. This is not surprising anymore because cooking can make oil and sauces splash all over the room, not to mention if there is a drop of food falling. Therefore, most people will avoid all-white color for the kitchen.
If you include people who are not afraid to get dirty, it never hurts to apply this all-white minimalist kitchen design. Starting from the color of the walls, furniture, and cooking equipment. Choose furniture made from slippery so it is easy to clean when exposed to dirt later.

07. Minimalist all-round wood kitchen


The dominance of wood material makes it look classic. So that your minimalist kitchen looks more spacious, make a sink that is not too high. If you could look at the area around the kitchen, it would be more comfortable right? Placing the microwave and oven on built-in furniture is also the right choice for a neater impression in a minimalist kitchen.

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