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7 Small Kitchen Remodel To Enhance Your Cooking Time

Small kitchen does make your space limited. But if you can find out the tricks to outsmart it through the right design, even a small kitchen will feel as comfortable as a large kitchen.

01. Small Kitchen Design with U-Shape


The first trick for designing a small kitchen is to use a U-shaped cabinet. With a cabinet like this, you can move freely in the middle of the kitchen while cooking and preparing food.
In addition, you do not need to go far when you want to move a used pan to the laundry or when taking a plate to move food from the pan. Simply turn your body to the right or left alone. You can easily get the items in the bottom drawer of the cabinet. Efficient movement yes, design this little kitchen!

02. Small Kitchen Design with Window


The main function of the window is as a path for air circulation and natural light from the sun. The presence of a window in the design of a small kitchen will make the kitchen look bigger and wider. How come? Because the kitchen will be bright thanks to sunlight and your view will be wider to the outside of the house.
As a bonus, you can open the window when cooking so that the smell of food is not cooped up in the house. Even more exciting, you can save money on lamps during the day thanks to the design of this small kitchen. Besides that good air circulation can make a healthier home.

3. Minimalist Small Kitchen Design


Minimalist design is known as a design suitable for small-sized dwellings. This minimalist design is also suitable for your small kitchen design. The key to this minimalist design is a sufficient amount of furniture and a simple cabinet model. Without the presence of a lot of complicated furniture, the kitchen will feel more relieved.

04. Hidden Small Kitchen Design


Due to the small size of the room, not infrequently the kitchen is in an area with a dining room. For those of you who feel uncomfortable uniting the kitchen and dining room, a trick that can be applied is the hidden little kitchen design. This small kitchen design can be hidden using folding partitions or brightly colored curtains. When you want to cook, open the lid. Well, when you want to eat and get a comfortable atmosphere, hide your kitchen.

05. Use a Mirror as a Backsplash on Small Kitchen Designs


In the interior world, mirrors are a famous decoration as a solution for small spaces. For small kitchen designs, use a mirror as an efficient backsplash material. This mirror will reflect the shadow of the room around it, so that a small kitchen can feel more spacious. In addition, mirror material is also easy to clean from oil and food ingredients that splatter when you cook.

06. Take advantage of Hidden Furniture in Small Kitchen Designs


In determining the design of a small kitchen, it means you have to choose what furniture must be owned and not so necessary so that the room does not become cramped. If there is a lot of furniture that cannot be removed, the solution is to use minimalist furniture that can be hidden when not needed. For example, like the table planted in the following cabinet. Pull this hidden table out of the cabinet when you need it.

07. Get Rid of Cabinets, Use Open Shelves in Small Kitchen Designs


The use of a cabinet in a small kitchen design will make the room feel more crowded and closed. To create a more spacious and spacious impression, remove the cabinet and use an open wall shelf instead. Another advantage of using this open shelf is that it keeps furniture out of moisture and saves you time when searching for an object.

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