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7 Smart Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Looks Bigger


How to get an apartment look bigger? Many people concern in looking for a way to make their apartment look bigger. To gain a small apartment looks bigger could be done with any budget and design ideas. If you are on a tight budget, don’t be worried here I have some smart and inexpensive ideas to make your apartment looks bigger. For more details, let’s have a look at these following ideas!

01. Use Light Color


The first step to getting a bigger look at your less space is by using a light color. Both floor and walls can be colored up with light color. For instance, take a white color for the wall and white tile for flooring. It will make your apartment space becomes fairy and bigger. If you opt dark color, your room will feel cozy indeed yet the dark color can absorb light instead of reflecting it.

02. Create Hidden Storage


Second, you can rid of any storage in your room and change with hidden storage. Instead of cluttering your room, it’s much better if you could make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items. This bed frame has hidden storage to hideout your books then your room won’t look organized than crowded.

03. Install Hang Shelving


Installing shelves above the window, beside the fireplace to hold your collection of books. It can manage all your stuff into your apartment without making cluttered and crowded. Your apartment will feel airy and look bigger.

04. Separate One Room with Rug


Another way to make your room bigger is by installing a rug into your room. It means to separate from another room. A rug is useful to create the appearance of your apartment has more than one space in a large space.

05. Use Dramatic Artwork


The wall space should also look interesting and chic besides looking bigger. Storing a piece of artwork can make your wall space feel more expansive. Choose art that is large and bold. They will work well in each space in your apartment.

06. Consider Buy Decoration


The next step is considering to buy any decoration that will fill in the entire room. You can buy a table lamp that can be put in the living room, bedroom and even in an entryway table. Feel free to choose what table lamp you want to buy.

07. Let Your Window Uncover


Instead of being covered, it’s much better to let your window being uncovered. It could be a great idea to make your apartment looks bigger by letting the sunlight through the window and make your room feel airy and fairy. Then, add greenery to get a fresh atmosphere.

Is it an easy right to create more space in your less space? Well, there are tons of smart ways to make your apartment looks bigger. No need to spend a lot of money and time. Just go for it!

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