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8 Best DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Fall In Love With

What a fabulous bedroom decor these are! To get such a beautiful decoration for your bedroom (the most private room) sometimes you should spend a lot of money. Thinking about picking furniture or home decor that suitable for your home design is fun. To beautify a home you can do many ways. Before buying any bedroom decoration on the market, you can consider making DIY bedroom decor. Look around to find any reusable goods which could be bedroom decor. Given below some ideas that inspire you.

01. DIY String Wall Decor


What do you need to be hung in your wall space? There are so many ideas, one of them is making string handmade decor. You can DIY this wall decor with any object you like, for instance, flamingo, pineapple, leave, and other objects. Because it’s your room, you combine with any decoration and it’s also affordable.

02. DIY Hanging Photo


Having photos and wanna display in your home, making a DIY hanging photo is sounds good. All you need is branches, yarn or rope (it’s optional) and artificial greenery. Put your photo on the rope in diverse height, you can mix and match with the artificial greenery. The result is simple yet simple.

03. DIY Shelve from Frame


Besides, string wall art and photo hanging, you can DIY shelve by using unused frames. First, you need to stain them up, wait until dry then install them on your wall space. Feel free to store any decoration on it.

04. DIY Garland Lighting


Lighting up your whole bedroom by any pretty lighting. If you feel bored with a table lamp or wall pendant lamp, you can change with a garland light. Making this garland light is easy and you don’t need to cost much money. Using string light and ribbon you will get this intriguing light. Put it on the wall.

05. DIY Macrame Pillowcase


Next, you also need to renew your pillowcase. Instead of buying you can DIY the pillowcase from macrame. Not only for wall decoration, but macrame could also be a pillowcase. You can make it based on your pillow size.

06. DIY Floating Planter Stand


Is it possible to store indoor plants into a bedroom? Exactly, yes! This floating planter stand is made of wooden boards. Storing your plants on it with the pretty and adorable potter. You can install this floating planter stand in your bedroom space, whether beside your bed or the window.

07. DIY Wall Printable Decor


Commonly, people will display any kind of art they like. You can do the same thing that means you can display any kind of quotes for your bedroom decoration. Print out any messages you desire then store them on the frame at varying size and color. Just put a simple design (it’s optional).

08. DIY Nightstand from Basket


A nightstand is part of the bedroom. Instead of buying you can borrow another thing from another room, for instance, a laundry room. You can use basket clothes to make this nightstand. Add a round wooden board for the surface. To complete the look, you can add flowers, aromatherapy, and a table lamp.

It is possible to use any reusable goods around you. You can create such an affordable bedroom decor and result in a chic and pretty look. If you have another idea, you can share it with us in the comments.

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