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8 Clever & Budget-Friendly Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Talking about the design of a small kitchen, almost every occupant of a small house will often complain and frustrated over the limitations in terms of space and function. This mistake is common and often occurs because small kitchen designs rarely prioritize our needs. What’s more, many homeowners leave their small kitchen design affairs to home developers.
If you use the services of interior designers for your dream home, I highly recommend that you and the designer spend time together to find the most ideal small kitchen design. Creative designers will ask many questions about the function of the kitchen according to your needs, habits, to the style you interact in the kitchen. Thus, the design of a small kitchen with a new maximum function can be achieved.

01. Anti-Wet Dish Rack for Small Kitchen Design


After washing the dishes, we usually put the plates in a container to drain them from water, before returning them to the storage cabinet. This habit will certainly take up a lot of space in the small kitchen. As a solution, you can place a barred plate storage rack right above the laundry area. Dishes that have been washed and are still wet you can immediately put on the shelf.

02. Small Kitchen Design with Bright Atmosphere


In order for a small kitchen to look wider and not crowded, lighting in the design of a small kitchen must be made as bright as possible. If your kitchen doesn’t have a window, you can create a bright atmosphere by using enough lights, choosing brightly colored furniture, and using a backsplash that reflects light.

03. Make maximum use of every angle


The next trick you can do when you have a small kitchen is to make the most of every corner of the kitchen. Don’t leave unused corners in the small kitchen design. If it is possible to install a cabinet in each corner of the kitchen, why not? The backsplash area can also be used as an area to hang small cooking utensils.

04. Small Kitchen Design Dominated by Cookware Hangers


Just like an open shelf, the hanger area can make a small kitchen design look more spacious. Make a hanging area on one wall and use a hanging rack to place various kinds of cooking utensils, such as a frying pan, a pan, a colander, and a cooking spoon.
This storage technique will be more efficient place compared to storing it in a cupboard. When you want to use one of the cooking utensils earlier, you will find it easier to find and retrieve it without the need to unload the stack in the cupboard.

05. Small Kitchen Design with the Help of Surrounding Areas


Already trying to save space but still can’t put important items in the kitchen? Do not hesitate to borrow the area around the kitchen. For example, placing a shelf of food outside the kitchen near the dining table or using a closed cabinet next to the kitchen overlooking the family room.

06. Multifunctional Small Kitchen Design


This multifunctional small kitchen design will definitely be very useful for mothers who like to cook. Usually, we will wash the food before cutting it. With this multifunctional design, you can shift the cutting board when you want to wash food ingredients, then move it back when you want to cut the material.

07. Open Small Kitchen Design


The location of the kitchen does not always have to be closed to another room. You can create a small open kitchen-style chef design that integrates with other spaces, such as the kitchen above which integrates with the dining room. Thus, the kitchen will feel more spacious. To indicate the division of the room, dining tables and chairs can be used as a barrier.

08. Corner Cabinet in Small Kitchen Design


This small kitchen design is often overlooked by homeowners. The second part of the cabinet corner is usually unused because of its simple design. To outsmart this, you can choose a corner cabinet that utilizes space in the intersection of the two corners.

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