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8 Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Often, the limited size of the room so the barriers of the house look beautiful, including in core rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, or bathrooms. One room that is often a scourge in interior design is a minimalist bathroom design that is quite difficult to arrange because of limited space.
Do not be pessimistic about the small sounding size, some of these minimalist bathroom designs can even be occupied with bathtubs that look elegant.

01. Minimalist Bathroom with Bath Tub


Although only a small size, minimalist bathroom according to inspiration above can already be occupied with a variety of main equipment that is completely functional. The main focus of course on the bathtub that is no more than 1 meter in this minimalist bathroom.
Having a mini-sized bathtub with a toilet seat model attached to the wall, this design is very effective for saving space in your minimalist bathroom.
For the sink cabinet, this minimalist bathroom inspiration chose to use a full-size cabinet for maximum storage. The combination of these 3 main devices can still leave enough room for your cleaning needs. There is no narrow impression thanks to a reliable minimalist bathroom layout.

02. Luxury Wall Accents in Minimalist Bathrooms


In this minimalist bathroom, we can see the different patterns on the bathroom wall. The selection of patterned bathroom tiles with a relatively large size immediately steals the attention so that the focus is on the wall and not on a limited bathroom size.
Choosing a bathroom with a showerhead is very effective because it will leave space in your minimalist bathroom. Do not forget, this bathroom also separates wet and dry areas with a simple glass divider.
In this minimalist bathroom design, the sink is made quite simple with wall shelves and modern style shelves. As a result, this minimalist bathroom looks more spacious.

03. Curve Spot


The minimalist bathroom inspiration above is also an easy alternative to overcome the limitations of space in the bathroom. With a simple design, maintenance of the bathroom is also easier because the wet area is completely separated with a tightly curved partition.
As a result, arranging furniture in a minimalist bathroom is easier. The bathroom toilet is placed snugly in the corner of the room for maximum space. The sink chosen for this minimalist bathroom is also simple and effective.
The amount of space left in the minimalist bathroom allows you to decorate the bathroom with supplements such as towels and clothes hangers or bathroom mirrors much more efficiently.

04. Perfect Corner Minimalist Bathroom


This inspiration shows that the bathtub is not a grandiose dream even though you have a minimalist bathroom. By choosing a quarter-circle shaped bathtub, the placement of the corner can make the placement of toiletries more freely.
Using a sink that looks luxurious and matching, a hanging rack made from wood and a medium-sized mirror increasingly sweeten this minimalist bathroom. With the concept of a dry bathroom, the bathroom floor also uses wood materials for elegant finishing which increasingly makes the atmosphere of a minimalist bathroom at home look luxurious.

05. Slick Formation in Minimalist Bathroom


The minimalist bathroom interior arrangement is quite simple, but maximum thanks to the selection of the right toiletries. The shower area which has been restricted with curved glass screens with curved contours makes the bathroom atmosphere minimalist so it’s not too rigid.
In this minimalist bathroom, there is also a bathroom storage area behind the door for towels and clothes. And how about the result? The minimalist bathroom will be much wider than its original size!

06. Nature Nuance


With a concept close to nature, this minimalist bathroom uses a stone wall bulkhead to separate wet and dry areas. The floor also looks marked by a natural stone that is well ordered. Do not forget the sink using materials with natural colors plus white lighting that blends with the warm colors of wood.

07. Shades Of Pink For A Minimalist Feminine Bathroom


With a touch of minimalist retro style, the layout of this space is quite simple but looks feminine and sweet style. Quite separated by a shower curtain, wet and dry areas have been well insulated in this minimalist bathroom.
Using a small cabinet as a storage area for toiletries, you can also put decorative bath mats to add life to your tiny minimalist bathroom.

08. A Classic Touch in a Minimalist Bathroom


In the comparison of minimalist bathroom sizes above, the left is a photo before the bathroom renovation and the right as the final result. From this inspiration, we can learn that walls also play an important role.
In the minimalist bathroom inspiration above, letting go of the wooden walls has a broad effect on the type of bathroom. Replacement to wall tiles has a big effect.
Changing the rectangular bathtub to a vintage bathtub model also saves more space, so the minimalist bathroom looks more comfortable. Overall this minimalist bathroom actually looks better than the economical hanging sink in the previous place.

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