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8 Tips to Prettify Your Desk with These DIY Decoration


Everybody has their wishes, taste, and style in designing and decorating a desk. When it comes to decorate the desk, sometimes people like to buy anything which is no need to buy. Then, they also spend so much money, whereas they can make their desk looks pretty by decorating it using goods around them.

To make your desk looks pretty by using goods around you, you can recycle them to be such an eye-catching decoration. Meanwhile, there are many kinds of decoration you can create to prettify your desk. Looking for something incredible decoration for your desk, you’re at the right place. I have prepared some tips about beautifying your desk with DIY decorations. For more details, let’s have a look!

01. Floating Desk


This floating desk made of wooden pallet which designed in floating style. To decorate this floating desk you can make a planter by using unused box. You need to colour up the box to get fun and pretty look. Feel free in choosing the colour, you could make it with your favourite colour.

02. Pin Board


A pin board in your home office is one of the crucial things. You need it to stick any notes, schedules, reminders or photos. All you need to make this pin board is a board in rectangle shape, wrapping paper, and pin. Cover the board using the wrapping paper, you can add another accessory as your wishes.

03. Mini Shelving


Another tip to decorate your desk is by completing it with shelving. This shelving created with a simple design and using wood. No need to stain up this shelving with many colors, you just pick a white color to color up shelve then let the leg with its original color.

04. Can Potter


If you have unused can, you can change this wasted good into something pretty for your desk. You need to color up them, it’s optional for you to coloring up the can. This can potter stained up in gold touch, thus it creates such an elegant look, whereas you don’t need to spend much money to make it.

05. Printable Wall Art


Fill your wall space in your home office with such an appealing decoration. There are many wall décor. This wall décor can be made easily. You just need a frame and printable picture. Then, hang them on your home office to complete and array your desk.

06. A Daily Planner


You need a daily planner to organize your schedule and activity, right? So, this DIY daily planner is a great idea for you. To make this daily planner you need a glass. Place the glass on the wall using the hook. Then, write down the days on it you can stick your schedule on it.

07. Square Shelving


In your kid’s desk, you can make shelving as well. Create it with any design and shape. With this shelving, your kids can store their tons on it and make their room looks tidy and organized.

08. Basket


This basket looks very intriguing and eye-catching from the gold color. If you have an unused basket that already looked rusty, you can renew it by staining it up with any gold color (it’s optional). No need to buy an expensive basket, you just need to renew your old basket then renew it by staining it up.

Is it simple and easy to make right? Then, try at home with your improvement! If you have other tips and ideas you can share with us! Good luck!

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