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9 Ideas On Transforming Your House Into Japanese Style

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Japanese style architecture is the most aesthetic style in the world. Japanese style combine between the rustic enchantment of nature and the futuristic element of modernity on most of their building. Likewise, the texture of wood can be seen almost in every places of Japanese house such as bamboo floor, wooden screen, and etc. Further, if you interest to adapt Japanese style on your home. You need to read this article because, i want to share an ideas to apply Japanese style on your home. Check this out!

01. Play With Texture And Choose Natural Color

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Japanese style familiar with texture pattern of nature’s material. You may decorating your house with any textured element such as wooden board or natural stone. In addition, Japanese style also linked with natural color scheme. so, paint your house in natural paint to make Japanese style on your home stronger.

02. Laundry Corner

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Japanese are not familiar with clothes dryers, so most of them often hang their clothes out to dry outside. In the other hand, the other way to strengthen Japanese style is create DIY corner clothes bench for your home. Furthermore, you may use high tension poles to rig up rectangular curtain rail and place down a bath mat to This person has come up with an ingenious hideaway laundry rack for a corner of their Japanese-style room. Use high-tension poles to rig up a rectangular curtain rail and place down a bath mat to catch any drips. Place on the corner of your room.

03. Spruce Of The Wall

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Japanese often use natural color like brown, light grey, or green on their home. Further, if it is not your style you may decorate your house with this cute wall sticker or (ウォールステッカー wo-ru-sutika-) in Japanese. This style is common in Japanese family nowadays. Meanwhile, the sticker can be found in amazon.

04. Mixed Style Room

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This design is suitable for those who don’t like the pure Japanese Style on your home. Instead of Japanese traditional style which has low table, no chairs and sleep on the floor at night. Moreover, you can combine the Japanese style with western style to results this kind of living room appearance.

05. Go Very Bright

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Japanese likes Bright tone and color on their home. so, change your paint, wallpaper and curtain’s color to bright tone color.

06. Well Organized Closets

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Japanese closets is different than western closets style. Japanese style consist of two levels storage that separate with any horizontal board wooden partition. It also contain metal bar that useful to hang your unfolded clothes.

07. Maintain unused closets into bunk bed kids

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Have your seen Japanese cartoon Doraemon. On the cartoon we can see that Doraemon sleep on the unused closets on Nobita’s room. In addition, you may do the same thing, transform your unused closets to sleeping bunk bed for your kids. Besides of make Japanese style on your home stronger. You can also maintain your house space’s as well.

08. Warmer Table

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In Japanese, warmer table called A kotatsu (火燵) is mean a table frame that covered with heavy blanket on the lower part. It’s also place a heat source. Kotatsu is popular among Japanese family especially during winter time. Place kotatsu on your living room will be a focal point to strengthen Japanese style on your home.

09. Transform Your Unused Closets Into Hobby Corner Or Working Space

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If you have any unused closets on your house, transform this into a place to stash your hobby’s stuff or maintain it as working space that could help your productivity.

In short, all of these ideas above just a basic way to presents Japanese style on your home. If you interest to add more Japanese style on your house. There are a lot of references online. Have a great day!


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