9 Rustic Bathroom Vanity Will Dress Up Your Bathroom


Inviting rustic vibe into your bathroom can be very easy. Rustic style is all about wood, stone, iron with a rusty, rough texture and vintage feel. Most of the people are very interested in rustic style. The rustic style gives warmth ambiance in every space in the home. It also has a unique interior design.

Searching for ideas on how to choose rustic bathroom vanities, you are in the right place. Here I will show you some incredible and timeless rustic bathroom vanities. Given below several ideas you can follow. Let’s check the following ideas!

01. Faded Paint Colour Vanity


The rustic style is associated with a faded paint color. This vanity looks a bit old with faded paint color. Having a small size with a white sink creates such a perfect unity. Furthermore, you can add a basket under the sink to store a towel and other bathroom appliances.

02. Floating Rustic Vanity


How about this bathroom vanity? If you are tired of an ordinary vanity, you can have this floating vanity to your bathroom. This floating rustic vanity has rough texture yet appearing chic and beauty. It is fit for a small bathroom. Additionally, add basket or boxes to store some bathroom items, thus your bathroom will still look organized and tidy.

03. Rustic Vanity with Wheels


This stylish rustic bathroom vanity is looking antique with wheels. Incorporating rustic vibe with open storage and a bit vintage touch. To complete it, you can install rustic light and add greenery season. A big mirror can make the bathroom look larger.

04. Green Paint Colour Vanity


With bright green color and modern sink in this vanity can show a beautiful look from rustic style. This rustic vanity improves a simple yet elegant design. Includes white sink with silver faucet and rectangle wall mirror framed with the wood element. Then, it is also completed with wall rustic light.

05. Beam Light in Rustic Vanity


We also need to light up our bathroom, right? To light up our bathroom, we can establish a rustic lamp. This rustic vanity has a good design where you can add light. So, this can be a perfect concept for those who looking for such a simple design yet resulting in an extraordinary.

06. Straightforward Rustic Vanity Design


This rustic bathroom vanity has plain color from the light wood. It creates a rustic and farmhouse touch in your bathroom. With modern sink wall faucet, it can result in such a gorgeous look. Moreover, you can put a ladder to store towels and other bathroom items.

07. Rustic Vanity with Double Sink


Two is better than one. Giving a double sink to bathroom vanity sounds good. This vanity has much storage and also completed with basket. So, it eases you to store any bathroom items. Besides, this vanity has a great combination with a white subway tile which is looking pretty and clean. Completing the vanity with double mirror and three wall pendant light.

08. Elegant Rustic Vanity


A block of a light wood with a white sink can make your rustic vanity looks elegant. Looking clean and organized from the white sink. This vanity has several storage, so you can hide your bathroom items in it. Furthermore, it also has an elegant touch from the glamorous mirror.

09. Rustic Vanity with Gold Touchy


If you like the modest and simple design of rustic bathroom vanity this could be your answer. Made of wood with a rough texture and no stain at all. It doesn’t have storage, yet you still can store the bathroom items or decoration under the sink. Pairing with rustic style and gold faucet and shower would make your bathroom scheme more charming.

Which one of these rustic bathroom vanities makes you fall in love?

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