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A Comfortable Bedroom Design To Increase Your Sleep Quality

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Due the busiest schedule,  sleeps is the most expensive and luxurious things. People often awake until one of two am in the morning then wake up at seven am for rushing on their activities. However, sleep is important to recover people body and mind after a day of work. Here, i want to share some tips to create a place which can boost sleeping quality.

Based on medical theory, people spent almost one third of their lives for sleep. It’s around 25 years on your life spend in bed. These fact is important to enroll your two third of lives in an activities when you are awake. Whether you feel comfortable on those hours. it will impacted better on your immune system, your healing power, your memory, and learning power.

Thus, on the explanation below, i have to share some tips to create a good bedroom decoration to increase your sleeping quality.

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01. Block Out The Light

An excessive light on your bed time would impacted on your sleeping quality. When people about to sleep their eyes would be more aware with the smallest lights can stab your eye. During your bed time, it will be better if you sets your light lower or make it off. Because, it will sets off on your body than make you wake up, and improving your live quality.

02. Use The Bedside Furniture

Put any decorative furniture that impacted on your sleep quality. Each side on your bedroom should be placed a night stand to provide any subconscious sense of balance during sleeping time.

03. Should contain no TV

Instead of watching any television programs that make you on mental stress and decrease relaxing and sleeping quality on your bedroom. Get rid your tv off to make it happen.

04. Neutral Color

Color can takes any psychological effect on arrange your own mood.  Then, creating a comfortable bedroom decoration choose the warm red or orange to create a comfortable and cozy feeling. Whether you looking for relax sensation on your bedroom decoration, choosing the neutral and cooler tones work is recommended.

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05. The Bed Placement

The Bed Placement mostly have a huge impact to you on improving your sleep quality. Depending on the space, put the bed away from the door and the headboard set against the wall to the sense of stability of sleep.

06. Clean&Clear Your Mess

Any mess, trash, and rubbish around would cluttered your mind to prevent you to get a peacefully sleep. Clean your room away to see the differentiation on your sleeping quality.

07. Keep The Bedroom Temperatures

Bedroom temperature should be cool, relax and comfortable. Suitable temperature would make any improvement on people sleeping quality. Most people set their bedroom around 14°C until 18°C.

08. Remove Anything That Relate To Work

Placing any desk, computers, or laptops in front of your eye on your bedroom would make like on works than switching off. Place your working stuff away from bed to decrease any stress on recovering time and increase your sleep quality.

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09. Choose The Right Bed And Bed Sheets

The most important decision on decorating a comfortable bedroom is choose the right bed. This is long time investment for you. The right bed will give you any optimal comfort, regardless if you are a back, side , chest sleeper. In order, to put your spine in a straight line position, your bed should be able to carry the impact from your body weight which has different proportion in upper and lower part.

Choosing the right bed sheets also important enroll your sleeping quality. A sheet from natural materials combined with ventilation layers will ensure your body to stay fresh and dry.

So, have you consider how was your bedroom, is it confident and comfortable or not ? maybe you need to re-arrange your bedroom decoration based on these suggestion above. Good and confident bedroom would impacted on better sleeping quality and better quality of life.


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