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A Guide To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors In Easy Steps

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Ceramic tile floors is the most common option flooring in the entire United States. Because, ceramic tile floors has timeless designs and appearance if it’s placed on your house. Furthermore, like others types of flooring. Ceramic tile flooring also need regular maintain and smart tips on how to clean ceramic tile floor.Then, these following tips is useful to help you to maintain your ceramic tile floor. Let’s check this out!

01. Do Regular Sweeping On Your Ceramic Tile Floors

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Like other types of flooring, regular ceramic tile flooring also need to be swept a couple times a week. Because, maybe there is a sand or grit that potentially scratches the floor surface. Then, when you are about to remove the dirt. And, you are ready to mop. Adds a mixture of mild detergent and hot water then wipe them with clean cloth. These cloth will absorb  the grout and soils into the water. Further, you need to change your bucket regularly to avoid of further moisture on the floor.

Moreover, if there is a hazy film on you might use all purpose cleaner to remove the hazy moisture on the floor. Then, make sure that you maintain non-abrasive cleaner to avoid of any scratch on the floor.Lemon juice and vinegar mixture also useful to be an alternative cleaner. Spread it on the floor after that wipe them with a clean cloth.

02. Make Sure That The Grout Is Clean

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The key on how to clean ceramic tile floor is make a sure that grout is clean. Therefore, dirty grout will equals dingy looking floors. Because, Grout is potential place to absorbs dirt, grease, and other stain materials.

There are a lot of commercial cleaner that can be used to make sure the grout is shinning. Mild bleach also can be used as a solution. You need to wear gloves on this process, put the cleaner on the stained area then let it work for 10 minutes. Then, scrub the grout with small brush.

03. Further Cleaning

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When you faces a stubborn grout stains on how to clean ceramic tile floor, you need to maintain the baking soda mix with water. Then, place to the stain and let it works in a night. After that scrub it with a nylon brush.
Avoid of using a metal brush, because it will scratch the tile. When you done, you need to let the grout air dry. Further, you might put the silicone based grout sealer to protect them from any future stains.
In short, all of these is the way on how to clean ceramic tile floor. If there is coffee, tea, or juice stains you can maintain the tile surface with the water and detergent that can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Then, for the grease stains, you might wash it soda club and water. Mix with the commercial cleaner. Ink stains can be removed with diluted bleach and put it on the top of the stain. Put it on the cloth then wipe it until the stain is gone. Have a great day.

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