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A Guide To Install Ceramic Tile Floor On Your Bathroom


Compare to another type of flooring is relate cheaper and add instant beauty to prettify your home.

Especially if you put the floor tile on your bathroom. Tile floor will increase the bathroom beauty appearance. Then if your wonder how to install the tile floor on your bathroom.

Here, the further explanation on how to install the tile floor on your bathroom.

01. Measure The Floor

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On the first steps, you need to measure the entire floor than how much equipments such as the tile, mortar, grout, and backingboard that you have on the storage bin. Ensure that you have the right amount of tile in the beginning of the job to reduces any missmatches possibilty.

02. Set The Underlayment

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Prepare a cement board to be an based on your flooring tile. Cut the holes on the board to fit it with the bathroom installation and other fixture.

03. Attach The Underlayment

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Grab your drill, then use them to attach a screw of the underlayment board to the sub-flooring. Set the screw around 6 inches each other.

04. Determine your tile layout

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The next steps, you need to configure each tile. Then make sure that’s each tile fit with the flooring layout.

05. Cut The Tile

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Further, on how to install the tile floor on your bathroom. If there is necessary, you might to cut the tile to make it fit.

06. Set The Cutting Tile

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On this steps, you should the cutting tile to make sure that’s fit to layout. When you feel that you found the perfect layouts. Remove the tile to add the mortar.

07. Apply The Thinset Mortar

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Then, place your mortar paste to the entire area that you want to install the floor.

08. Ensure That The Mortar Will Dry

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After that you can set the tile above the mortar. Then, allow them to dry over 24 hours.

09. Apply the grout

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The ninth steps, when you found out that the mortar is dry. Then you need to remove the spacers, mix grout float to completely fill the space.

10. Wipe The Excess

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The tenth steps, when the grout already set it. Maintain your damp sponge to wipe away the excess grout,  then make the tiles clean and make the grout smooth. Avoid of grout haze that maybe appear if you let the grout leave behind. Then, leave them in 24 hours to before use it.

In short, understand the methods on how to install the tile floor on your bathroom. Will guide you to completes the projects carefully without causing any other damage. Have a great day!

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