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Adorable Vintage Ideas To Prettify Your Kitchen

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Nowadays, antique and vintage became to be a new trends on the people. Especially for those who likes to apply simple design on their home.

From the whole room, the most customized room is kitchen.

Then, adjusting vintage design on your kitchen will increase your kitchen beauty to make it more wonderful.

Here, in this article i would like to give you some inspiration about Simple Vintage Kitchen that can be done by yourself at home.

So, let’s straight to 7 inspirations of DIY vintage kitchen ideas. Check this out!

01. Adorable Shutter


Presence vintage atmosphere on your kitchen with adds this vintage shutter on your window. Paint them in a shade of white to strengthen your window appearance.

02. Vintage Coca-cola Crate Spice Rack

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The second items on this DIY vintage kitchen ideas, This item is suitable for those who have a problem awful stuff on kitchen. You might transform this adorable vintage coke crate into a hanging shelves for your kitchen.

03. DIY Farmhouse Stuff Rack

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Instead of an ordinary shelf for your kitchen set, you might build this book case. So, head to the local thrift store on your neighbor. Then, grab a bunch of vintage book with pastel-toned covers and sheaf them together to farm this adorable decoration.

04. Vintage Wooden Kitchen Name

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This designs is suitable for those who faces a problem on hanging a shelf. You might add this utensils display to made out of an old wooden board, hooks, and some wire to prettify your kitchen.

05. Antique Silver Decoration

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When you have unused of silver material furniture, you might transform them into adorable design like this.

06. Antique Wire Basket

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This antique wire basket can be an adorable decoration for your kitchen. Grab it and put it on your kitchen to transform them to became adorable rack for your plate.

07. Upside Down Board

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Maintain your awful kitchen and transform them to be adorable. Cut the bars then replace them with a piece of wood to form the shelf. While decoupaged on the flower then golden hooks the final touches.

In short, All of these suggestion is an idea to prettify your kitchen. Therefore is not a patent suggestion. There are a lot of references online that can be perfect idea to make your kitchen prettier. Have you try to put this at your home? have a nice day!


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