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Beautiful Makeup Vanity Ideas for You


Talking about makeup vanity is always exciting, especially for girls. Inviting a beautiful makeup vanity into your room can make your room looks cluttered. Yet, there is much beautiful makeup vanity that will not make your room (especially bedroom) loos messy and cluttered. As a result, we need to choose what makeup vanity that is fit for our room. Here is a few beautiful makeup vanity ideas to inspire you!

01. White and Mirror


First of all, if you like the simplicity you can opt this makeup vanity into your room. With white color and a drawer could bring a warm feeling and of course looks clean. Furthermore, you may also take a white seat to complete it. Don’t forget to install a large and high mirror in your makeup vanity.

02. Wooden Element


Secondly, wood is always timeless. This element is very useful to make any furniture. It provides storage and a round mirror. Inviting simple and modern design by using wood as the element result in a gorgeous look. Performing with a rattan seat will add appeal.

03. Amusing Simplicity


However, most people look for something simple and elegant. This amusing makeup vanity designed in simplicity yet not leave the pretty look. A unique mirror creates luxurious atmosphere in this vanity. Then, you can store it in the corner of your bedroom

04. Elegant and Bright


As well as that, you could also have an elegant and bright makeup vanity in your room. This makeup vanity has storage that can be used to store your stuff. It also has shelves in the right and left of the vanity. You can store your makeup tools on it, thus your vanity will not look cluttered.

05. Lovely in Rosy


Do you like rosy? It could be a great idea to opt for this makeup vanity. The vanity and mirror are separated to get a different look. This vanity has no drawer indeed, yet you can your makeup tools on it. Furthermore, in the mirror, you can add bulb string light to make it bright. Decorating with gold decoration could create a glamourous scheme.

06. Light Green


With light green color and modern design in this vanity can show a beautiful look. This makeup vanity improves a simple yet elegant design. Includes a hexagon mirror and a drawer could be very intriguing.

Which one of these beautiful makeup vanity do you like the most? Tell me your choice in these comments below!

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