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What is the Best Season to Hire RV Campervan around New Zealand

Source: wanderwisdom.com

New Zealand has marvelous natural attractions that are perfect for being discovered using RV Campervan. But campervanning is not something easy and cheap. You need to spend more cost and energy, just before you start the journey.

Most people love campervanning in New Zealand in different seasons, here are some predictions of each:

  • Winter or about June – August. In this winter season, you will find the cheaper RV Campervan, and the roads will be quieter. Besides, you can easily choose the pick-up and drop off location as there will be more options. Some campervan rental also offer the heaters so you will keep being comfortable doing this adventure.
  • Another season recommendation is autumn, it is about March – May. You will find the temperature rather hot, which is up to 20 degrees. Alongside with the winter, this season also gives you cheaper adventure.
  • It is about October. If you decide doing your trip in this season, you must check out the prices. This season is perfect for you who love outdoor experiences and Mother Nature. As the whale watching is starting, the waterfall season is coming, and the weather is warming.
  • This is about November to February. You can say this is the most perfect time to do campervanning. Though the price is not the lowest, but the rental companies are still negotiable. In this season, the roads will be very busy as the children are on school holiday.

While you are planning on spending some nights camping in the open air, here are some responsibilities of freedom camping in New Zealand:

  • It is illegal to do camping on a private property.
  • The legal dump stations are the only one permissible to empty your onboard toilets. You can easily find them in the holiday parks.
  • Do not litter. It is illegal.
  • The campsite is not supporting the toilets, waste system and freshwater.
  • Be polite and respect others.

After watching all those responsible, you need to find out what New Zealand offers for the camping enthusiast:

01. Traditional Camping

traditional camping

Source: blog.nullnfull.com

Pay per night for a site. The cost will be based on your members and vehicle size.

02. DOC campgrounds

Source: doc.govt.nz

This is managed by the Department of Conservation. They are special as they usually are located near rivers, lakes, forests or oceans.

03. Freedom Camping

Source: wanderwisdom.com

This is perfect for you who are in a self-contained vehicle. You are allowed to camp anywhere in the countryside as long as you follow the rules, such as no littering.

04. Okay2Stay

What is the Best Season to Hire RV Campervan around New Zealand

Source: newzealand.com

This is a kind of membership network to access a private network, such as vineyard, farm, and orchards all over New Zealand.

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