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Charming DIY Flower Pots for Your Garden


A garden is a place to grow your plants, flowers, herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits. Since Spring will come sooner or later, it will be very exciting. So many flowers will bloom and show off their beauty and it means you should adorn your planters. It’s optional for you, whether you will prettify your wasted planter or decorate your Daisy pot. I have charming DIY flower pots for your garden. Are you curious? Let’s check this out!

01. Affix Crushed Dishware


Use crushed dishware to make an adorable flower pot. You can mix and match them, so it will be colorful. After that, arrange them on your pots. Look! The result is awesome.

02. Stacked Pots


Turn your ordinary pots into something fun. This stacked pot will make your garden or porch looks stunning. Choose bright and fun color for them, then hang them in the ceiling using rope.

03. Fun Handprint Pot


This small project can be done with your kids. Making handprint pots would be very amusing for them. You can make the entire pot full of your handprint or just make it one. Then, add polka dot on the topper.

04. Cover It with Macrame


Another way to prettify your pots is by covering it using macrame. You can DIY them during your weekend or less. This project only need small budget yet resulting in beauty. You can try this too!

05. Tiny Smile Pots


Looking incredible! Indeed, this pot will make your garden looks more intriguing. With tiny smile and a white color add color for your succulent. You can add lines on it as well. Mix and match them, so it’ll give you many pretty tiny smile pot.

06. Adorable Googly Eyes Pots


Instead of buying new pots then decorate them, it could be better if you use unused cups. By adding googly eyes and draw some patterns on it, these cup would look amusing. Try to turn something ordinary into someting fun and exciting.

07. Rocky Pots


Then, if you want get touch of natural, you might use rock. To get this look, you can use pebble or break stone. This pots is easy to make, affordable and chic. It seems a bit rustic from the rock.

08. Girly Pots


Get inspired from this picture. This pot is awesome. The ordinary clay pots turn into something amazing. You can use clay pots in any different size then stain them up. It looks like a mini creature.

09. Put on Beautiful Messages


For those who like fun sign or messages, it could be a great one to put it on the pots. There many opt out there. You can choose your favorite one, then write down on your pots. Add color by using bright and fun colors. You’ll not regret about the result.

After seeing these ideas, which one of your favorite?

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