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Cleaning Hardwood Floors In An Easy Way

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For those who interest to build different atmosphere on their home! Or, somebody’s bored with their ordinary ceramic tile floor? Today, Installing a hardwood floors can be a good solution.Hardwood floors build an earthy atmosphere and warm beauty inside the home. Moreover, hardwood floors also durable for a long time. Further, If you do a proper care on your floor, it would make them stay until at least a decade or more.

The problem is “what kind of proper care? that i should do?” So, in this article i would like to give you some tips on how to clean hardwood floors to make them keep looking lovely.

01. Remove The Dirt On The Floor

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This firs step is remove the visible dirt on the floor. Use a dust mop or vacuum to remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris that potential leave a scratches on the floor. Vacuum cleaner is not allowed on this steps because it’s potential to damage the surface on the floor.Therefore, if you an entailment cleaner, floor brush attachment is a recommended tool to do that. Then, mop your floor regularly at least once a week

02. Deep Cleaning Your Floor Regularly

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The next steps on how to clean hardwood floors, Maintain the floor with deep cleaning regularly. Because, Dust mopping won’t keep the floor clean all the time. Then, for deep cleaning you might need a liquid cleaner. A commercial product such as Bona or Murphy’s Oild Soap can be a good recommendation to you. Further, make sure that you follow the manufacture instructions to avoid of further damage. In addition, you might make your own cleaner form mixture vinegar and 10 parts of water.

03. Clean The Floor

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No matter of cleaner that you choose, the main process on how to clean hardwood floors is the same. That are : dip a rag or sponge on the cleaning liquid.Then, squeeze it to release the excess water and make the mop not wet. Mop the floor with cleaner, make sure that you are not put too much liquid on the floor.

Rinse the mop with clean water to remove the stains. Repeat the process in a few times to make a sure that you already clean all of them.

04. Alternative Way On How To Clean Hardwood Floors

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Beside regular cleaner, another way on how to clean the hardwood floors is maintain boiling water and two teabags as a cleaner. Because, the tannic acid from the tea would leave a beautiful shine.Then, all you need is let those two tea bags steep in the boiling water for a few minutes. after that pour the tea into a bucket.

Furthermore, the cloth maybe needs to be damp and not soaked to make the floor dry quickly.

05. Cover The Scratches

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You might marked the spot that contain any scratches after understand on how to clean the hardwood floor. You can use crayon which has same color with the floor. Rub the crayon to fill the gap. Then, take your blower dryer and turn it on. Then, heat the area where the crayon was applied and buff it with a soft cloth.

06. Avoid Of New Dirt And Damage On Your Cleaned Floor

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The last steps is prevent your floor from a new dirt or damage. Further, you can use any floor protectors to avoid of any further scratches especially for under furniture floor or putting down rugs in high traffic area,In short, cleaning hardwood floor will be dizzying your head. Therefore, after read this tips it won’t be a problem for you anymore. Have a great day and great weekend.


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