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Cleaning Shower Curtains Is Easy With These Following

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Today’s shower curtain play a functional role in the bathroom to keep the water stay on the proper place and a decorative role to prettify the showers appearance. There are a number of variant of curtain water or layered, luxury look. Then, every types of curtain also need to be cleaned

Since that the curtain often faces bath soaps, body soil, and lots of moisture and humidity. You need to maintain the curtain to be cleaned regularly. Then, the problem is not all people know how to clean fabric or plastic properly to keep the bathroom environment healthier.

Before, we start to share the tips on how to clean shower curtain as usual you need to prepare the supplies and the equipment, such as:


  • Heavy-duty detergent
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Oxygen-based bleach (optional)
  • Chlorine bleach (optional)
  • Washer
  • Dryer

01. Before You Start You Need To Make A Read The Label First

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Every information about the fabric always noted on the label. All of those fact is important on how to clean shower curtain. Then, you need to read the whole information on the label first to get an information about the content, method to wash, water temperature instruction, etc.

02. Put The Curtain Down

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Then, the next step is put off the shower curtain down to get the best cleaning results. Further, as you remove the curtain, you can check the rings or hooks and maintain them as well.

03. Washing Step

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Most shower curtain should be washed in warm water then press on the permanent press cycle. Use this cycle, the final spin speed is reduced to help prevent to excessive wrinkling. Use heavy detergent to pull the stains out.
Further, you may add one cup of white vinegar to create an ease way to take out the stain from the fabric.

04. Dry The Curtain

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after all of these process above, you need to dry the curtain. Most, curtain can be dried in the medium to low heat. Then, i suggest to you hang

Remove the curtains while still slightly damp to prevent set-in wrinkles. Promptly hang the shower curtain and the wrinkles will fall out as they finish drying.

05. Iron The Curtain

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Then, after the curtains already dry. Iron them to give a soft touch up to make the curtain seams lie flat after washing.

After complete all of these steps, you can rehang the shower curtains.

 Therefore, have you prove these tips already? Then, share with us your experience.

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