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Cleaning The Room With Vacuum Cleaner In Easy Way


Carpets often trap a dirty dust from people activities on fling dust on the room on their fiber. Therefore, with proper vacuuming will be minimize the amount of dust on your home and extends the life of the carpeting. Further, this method won’t work for people who has an allergies or dust sensitivities. They a vacuum with a HEPA filter and regular vacuuming to minimize the impact of dust. Further regular vacuuming also keep the room appearance always on their best.

Further, in this article i would like to give you some tips on how to clean a room with vacuum cleaner, to make you more educate about vacuum cleaner. Check this out!

01. Place Any Supporting Equipment On The Vacuum Cleaner

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This first steps on how to clean a room with vacuum cleaner is place a brush or dusting attachment on the vacuum cleaner.

Then, next to vacuuming the whole room, ceiling, window coverings, and any ceiling or wall fixtures. Make sure that there is no spot missed from top of the room until down toward on the floor.

Vacuum the ceiling, window coverings and any ceiling or wall fixtures. Work from the top of the room down toward the floor.

02. Dust The Furniture

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Then, after the first vacuuming. You should dust whole furniture with microfiber duster before re-vacuuming.

03. Re-vacuum The Upholstered Furniture

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On the second vacuuming, you might vacuum the upholstered furniture with the dusting brush attachment first. Begin at the top of the furniture until work down to the based on the furniture.

04. Remove The Dust

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The next steps is remove the dust attachment to do further cleaning. Then, set the vacuum cleaner on the floor surface.

05. Attach the angled corner attachment on the vacuum hose

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After that, you need to vacuum on the edges of the room, corners and legs around to minimize the hoarding of the dust.

06. Vacuum On The Rug

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The next steps is vacuum the rugs, you might remove the carpet after vacuuming for a while to avoid of the dust coming back.

In short, i hope those following steps can you to clean your floor.

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