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Confusing On Seeking A Good Place For Study, Here 4 Suitable Places For Study That Recommended To You

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Some student stated that studying is hard, they can maintain their brain to absorb a fluid of knowledge from the learning material that they faced. However the rest of them stated that studying can be easy for them.

There are a number of problems that can impacted on people’s studying process. These factors can be internal or external factors. Internal factor refers to people interest on learning and the learning material, in the other hand, external factor often linked to the people study space.

So, in this article I want to give you some tips on looking or creating some study space that suitable to you to absorb a lot of knowledge fluid.

On the explanation below, i would to share the different types of study space that suitable to help you study better.

01. The Library

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Library is suitable for someone who looks a nice and quite place to completes their things and prepare their next things. If you needed to focus because you faces serious exam or upcoming dateline project, library is the most suitable place to go. Because library contains an elements of Quiet, Spacious, and Empty all in one.

02. Academic Building

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Besides Library, Academic Building also can be a solution for you to study. Most department in University has study lounge or labs that can be accessed by the student.

For example, my college had a “math lab” that you can go there with your math homework and they also have a tutor to help you there.

They have similar area like that for STEM students also. Whether the student take a class for one disciplines. They could use all the resources on the particular department provides.

Otherwise, academic building can be useful when you are prepare an exam. Because, academic building offer a great way to combat test anxiety and boost your recall of information through context dependent memory to help you study better.

In short, if you can find out your exam location, then you did a few observation. it will helpful to boost your exam grades.

03. Another Parts Of Campus Area

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I won’t spend a ton of time on this one, as I think there are generally better places to study, but I had some friends who did all of their studying in places that were neither the library nor a dorm. These included places like the student center lounge, under a tree on the quad, or even the dining hall.

Some Student though that study in the library or academic building can be bored and make them drowsy. So, they use another parts of their campus area to study.

Beside Campus library, they use student center, corridor, even dinning room for study. Actually it wasn’t work for me. No one of my project completed on those room. In other hand, if it works on you just go ahead.

04. Outside Campus

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Instead of the whole campus area, Outside campus like coffee shop works better for me while completing some projects. Coffee shop turn to be a place from hang out place to working place with soft natural lighting and warm wood furniture, and delicious drinks and snacks. Therefore, coffee shop can be a good place for meeting and discuss some creative things.

Thus, have you consider which places that i should take for study? Not all student are matches with all of those place so you may do a research first about which places that i should take for study.


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