Creative DIY and Crafts Ideas for Christmas 2021

DIY and crafts are personalized gifts given for the beloved ones. Every year, Christmas becomes the memorable time to wrap up unique yet special DIY and crafts. Some people may bored of giving the mass-produced gifts but extra tired to make complicated crafts?

If you are feeling so, here are some creative yet easy DIY to try:

01. The Chalkboard Mug

The Chalkboard Mug

On the top half, it is just same old mug to drink. But on the bottom half, it is a chalkboard. You can write messages on it while serving morning coffee or tea. For special day as Christmas, you may add special messages. It is best for your spouse, best friends, or parents.

02. The Teacup Candles

The Teacup Candles

These handy DIY and crafts are easy to make. You may have old but pretty teacups on the cupboards, then you can fill them with the aromatherapy candles. The receivers definitely will love this cute gift. Another idea is by purchasing the new teacups with certain pattern loved by your parents or best friends, and fill them with aromatherapy candles. So, it is no matter of used or new the teacups are. The heart-made is the best gift anyone can deserve.

03. The Kitchen Hand Scrub

The Kitchen Hand Scrub

What people need in their daily life? Wash their hands! Exactly. They do wash their hands often and you can make them remember of you whilst washing their hands and smell the scrub. There are lots of scrub maker ingredients sold in the supermarket with various colour schemes.

04. The Winter Shots

The Winter Shots

Christmas always relates to winter. For celebrating the special day in such weather, people need to warm themselves up, such as by getting the warm chocolate. This is how this winter shot will be perfect. Customize the jar and fill with the cocoa powder and marshmallow.

05. The Keychain

The Keychain

This is the best way to make people always remember of you. You can start print out some pictures of you and other family members or your best friends. Then affix them to the keychains.

06. The Safe Play Dough for Kids


Who would ignore play dough? No one. Children love creating something new. Creating homemade play dough will leave you at ease as you know the exact ingredients used are 100% safe.

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