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DIY Bathroom Ideas to Build


Looking for DIY bathroom ideas to refresh yours? This room is one of the crucial parts of the home that should be filled with possibilities. No matter how big your bathroom you could make it as cozy as you can.

Before getting new bathroom items, you need to look around to find the unused good which could be used as bathroom need. This DIY bathroom idea is simple to make and also affordable. Well, let’s jump!

01. Bathroom Shelve


Firstly, if you have storage that makes your bathroom look crowded, you can change it with this floating shelves. You can make it using a wood board, besides these floating shelves can free your space. Store your bathroom items on it and put greenery season or sign on it too.

02. Mason Jar Storage


As we know, mason jars are functional, you can use it for any need. In this case, you can use mason jars to keep your bathroom items, like cotton buds cotton, and another item. You can hang them on the wall, so it will not make your bathroom vanity looks cluttered.

03. Rustic Mirror


Third, we also need a mirror, right? Instead of buying the new one, it’s much better to reuse your old mirror. If it already looks ugly, you can renew it. For instance, if you desire rustic chic, you could use a wooden frame mirror to get a rustic feel. It will create a stylish mirror effortless and affordable.

04. Rusty Basket


Further, this rusty basket is also interesting. Rather than buying a new basket for storing your dirty towel, you can use this basket for it. No need to stain it up, just let it in rusty look to get a rustic vibe. To store this basket, you can hang it on the hook.

05. Bathroom Wooden Sign


Wash, brush, floss, and flush. We often find these words when entering a bathroom. You can use these words to remind your kids (particularly). Further, to make such an appealing these bathroom signs, you can make them using the wooden board. Let it in wood color, then write down those bathroom signs on it.

06. Bathroom Mat


Besides, you can also make this bathroom mat. You need a fabric that can absorb water and help to dry your feet after you have taken a shower. Cotton is the most common type of bathroom mat for any good reasons due to it is durable.

07. Ladder Towel Hanger


Then, if you don’t have a towel hanger and need in a hurry, you can use a ladder for hanging yours. Besides, it’s affordable it also easy to make. Meanwhile, you can make yours look stylish by staining it up. It’s optional for you to pick the color.

08. Macrame Curtain


The last but not least, a bathroom shower is also one of the important items for us. In this case, you could have a bathroom curtain made of any kind of fabric. For this reason, this macrame curtain is recommended for you. It looks pretty and you can make it by yourself during your weekend or less.

Besides, these DIY bathroom ideas that you can make at home, you can find make the others. Even so, you can improve yourself. Just go for it!

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