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DIY Bookshelf for The Nursery

Before going to bed, usually we would tell some stories for our baby. Some of us have bought story telling books for them. There are soft books, touch-and-feel books, books that rhyme, books that play music and lots more. We need something charming to store our baby’s collection of good reads.
For this reason, we need storage to store them, so our nursery keep clean and organized. Many opts of storage out there. One of may favorite is bookshelf. So, ho we keep them all organized? Here, I have some ideas of DIY bookshelf for nursery. For more details, let’s check this out!

01. DIY Book Nook


Transform your nursery room into such a charming room for your baby. This book nook is a good idea to store their collection of book. You can DIY it using wooden board. Further, put them on your wall space, thus will help you freeing your floor space.

02. DIY Arrow Bookshelf


To get a pretty and fun appearance, you might build a bookshelf in any design ides. In this picture, it made of wood and formed into the arrow. Opting to fill the wall with this charming bookshelf can make your baby’s room looks more cheerful. This bookshelf could be store on your wall space.

03. DIY Boat Bookshelf


Further, you could also build a bookshelf using any kind of object, for example, a boat. This idea is one of great due to it gives coastal vibe into your baby’s room. Make it using wood and then stain it up in pure white color. Besides, you can store your baby’s collection, you can also store her photographs.

04. DIY Corner Bookshelf


If you need to hide all her collection of good read, you can build a corner bookshelf. It seems like L-shaped, right? This corner bookshelf will not eat up much space in your baby’s room. But, you can add appeal from this bookshelf.

05. DIY Wooden Bookshelf


Furthermore, these three bookshelves also look incredible. Includes three layers with different lengths. Mix and match her bookshelf with any colors, as in this picture it uses wood color and white color. It creates such a great unity.

06. DIY Tree Bookshelf


All you need to make this bookshelf is wood and glasses. This tree bookshelf designed perfectly to store her collection. With wood color and simple design, you will get such an exciting bookshelf for your baby’s good read.

07. DIY Floating Bookshelf


Next, this is one of the popular shelves we often see. A floating bookshelf. Easy to make, affordable, not consume much space and of course has a good-looking appearance. It can be used for storing a collection of book, you can add a touch of nature as well.

08. DIY Sofa Bookshelf


All at once, you can have a seat and bookshelf. While sitting with your kids, you can read a good story for her. It can be reached easily by your kids. Thus, this bookshelf can ease your kids to pick their books and give it back by them shelve as well.

09. DIY Owl Tree Bookshelf


Does your kid like owl? If the answer ‘Ya’, you can an owl tree for him. This bookshelf looks so cute and fun. Designed with smile face and owl decoration can add charm in your nursery room.

Well, which one of your beloved bookshelf?

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