DIY Garden Art Easy to Make

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Sometimes, people only concern on indoor decor. Once they find their garden looks bare and dull, they think of making their outdoor looks fancy and appealing. In decorating your outdoor space, you can add charm in it. One of way to decorate your outdoor space is by making garden art.
You can DIY them using unused goods in your warehouse. There are so many DIY garden art that easy to make, yet result in beauty. Given below, some ideas to make garden art. Let’s take a look!

01. DIY Birdhouse

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In order to make your garden add charm, you can build this birdhouse in any fun colors. Build them in diverse height and design, so it will make your garden looks exciting. You may add any accessories in your birdhouse like artificial fence, sunflower, and others.

02. DIY Clay Potter Land

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Is it possible to build a land in your small space? Surely, Ya! Though you only have a small garden, you can use clay pots to make your dreamy land. It has many reasons, why you should build this land. It can attract your garden, add appeal, then it’s very unique decoration for your garden as well. 

03. DIY Upcycled Wheel

Source: 33decor.com

Turn your unused wheel into pretty garden art decor. By using paper or you can make this old wheel becomes such an incredible garden art. When the wind blows, it can round and round freely.

04. DIY Standing Planter

Source: pinphotos.info

Making a standing planter to store your collection by using old iron windows is a great one. Optimizing unused things to get an appealing decoration by recycling or renewing it. These standing planters give classic and vintage looks in your garden. Put them on your wall space then hang your collection on it.

05. DIY Iron Chicken

Source: mommygrid.com

This is really cute and awesome. Add color for your garden by these cutie chicken. With any different pattern, colors and style, they can impress your guests when entering your garden. It seems like a welcoming sign for them.

06. DIY Flower Decor From Unused Wheel

Source: retete-usoare.info

Further, you can also grown artificial flowers decoration in your garden. These artificial flowers made of wasted wheels. Color them up with any fun color like red, yellow, orange and so on. Combine them with your real flowers.

Are you ready to build yours? Just go for it!

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