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DIY Projects For Home Will Add Appeal of Your Home


When it comes to DIY project your home, you can do both indoor and outdoor space. A home should feel cozy and warm. To get this ambiance, you should consider what things help you to gain it.

For this reason, you can do a DIY project for your home. There is an infinite chance to spruce up your indoor and outdoor space with small DIY. These DIY projects for a home can be done one-day only. Let’s check this out!

01. DIY Eucalyptus Garland


Prettify your indoor space with this small DIY project. It takes no time to make this garland. With simple design and result in beauty can attract your indoor. This garland could be placed in your entryway.

02. DIY Embroidery Hoop Hanging Planter


Embroidery is not only for wall decor. It can be made for any home decor. Even, you can make it becomes a hanging planter. Of course, you can modify it based on your taste. Get creative to make it more and more intriguing.

03. DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor


Then, this small project is also easy to make. Just take your waste jars then turn them into such stunning wall decoration. Put artificial flower it then store on your wall space. To get more pretty look add fairy lights in it. Further, it could be indoor and outdoor decor.

04. Turn Cola Bottle and Jelly Jar into Pretty Vase


Lack of place to store your flowers? Don’t worry, you can get such a charming vase from the waste Cola bottle. First, you need to color up them. You can use any colors you desire. It’s much better if they stained in a soft tone. The result is awesome.

05. DIY Rustic Wooden Tray


A tray can make your living space looks organized due to it can gather your table decoration. Further, you can DIY it using reclaimed wood. Like in this picture, this tray looks so incredible with a rustic look. Your guests will love it.

06. Create A Hammock


Besides, a hammock is also a good idea for your home decor. Especially for your kids, it can be their favorite place at home. You can make it one-day-only or less. This hammock chair could be hung in their room, even on the porch.

07. DIY Honey Comb Shelving


I love this idea. This honeycomb shelving made of wooden boars and wire. Simply take an old piece of wood, in any size you desire. Also, there are seven spaces you can use to store your collection. Add a touch of nature from plants.

08. DIY Pallet Standing Planter


Meanwhile, if you have plenty of plants and lack of place, you can DIY this standing planter. Instead of buying the new one, it’s better to make it by yourself. In this planter, you can hang your potter on the pallet and put them on the box. Your garden will be more charming.

So, which one of your favorite?

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