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Do It Yourself Built In Study Spaces For Your Kids To Face New School Years

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New School season is in our face. Have you prepare any school utilities for your kid? Then, have you prepare study space for them? If you haven’t ready about that. Reading this article it’s the right chance for you. This article will give you an inspiration to work a DIY Study Spaces that can make your kids enjoy their study time. So, let’s go ahead.

01. Closets Study Space

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This DIY Study Spaces is suitable for you who faces lack of spaces and also limited budget. If you have small unused closets on the house. Then, transform them to make an “office” for your kids. All you need just additional pegboard that placed next to door to create the workspace area and L-brackets to create the storage space for the office spaces.

02. Small Spaces Study Space

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Another option to create a study space on your house, you can use any unused small area to build a study nook for your kids. Mostly people use the top of staircases area to build this study nook. Further, combine it with double sided workspace with some DIY ingenuity. A cork-board and Chalkboard paint also additional items that suitable for places in the area.

03. Bunk Bed Workspace Area

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Have any blank spot under your kitchen bunk bed? You may transform the study space that will be useful for your kid. This design is functional for your kid until they became college student.

04. On Budget Study Corner For Multiple Kids

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Have more than one kid that need a study space yet, do you have lack of budgets? These budget study space ideas are appear to inspire you. All you need just prepare a long narrow desk, butcher block countertop or two small desks side by side. Then, places these workspace against the wall to make the comfortable atmosphere.

05. Built In Study Space

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If you have a larger budget, build more elaborate built ins study space. Completes this DIY study space with bookshelves for functional area. A cork board also can placed to create multi work spaces. A desk between each bookshelf and place a large cork board.

06. Homework Station

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What an useful and effective DIY study space. Maintain unused small room on your house. Transform it to make a work office for kids. Used unused storage benches and storage cabinet to save office utilities.

07. Cozy Corner

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There are unused corner on your house? Transform them to make this useful DIY study space for your kids. Places any storage benches to create the useful workspace.

Thus, after read this article. Have you decided which DIY study space that you want to take? Or Do you need another preferences ? There are a lot of preferences online that you can get and take it easily. Therefore, Observe any areas and calculate your budget before you make a decision. Have a great day.


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