Easy Steps On How To Clean Dusty Fans

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Placing a ceiling fans will be useful and enjoyable asset, especially for those who lives in the southern part like Miami. Ceiling fan can tower the whole room temperature and increase the air circulation. Therefore, when the fan missed from your attention that caused a pilled up dust on the fan it will transform the situation from enjoyable to frustrating liability. Dirty ceiling fan would fling the dust and other partition of the dust. It’s risky to contaminating open food or water on the room. Dirty fans also caused a suffers for those who has an allergy and asthma. Thus, the cleanness of fan should be maintained regularly to avoid of any pile up dust on it.

Therefore, people often faces an obstacle when about to clean the fan. They confused which part should be cleaned first or does this fan should be take it off or not.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worried anymore. This article released to give you a tips on how to clean ceiling dusty fans.

All of these steps is easy and can be follower even for newbie. Check this out!

01. Prepare The Equipment First

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Before, I give you the steps on how to clean ceiling dusty fans. I suggest to you to prepare the equipment first. Then, the equipment is spread out sheets, towels, plastic or canvas over the furniture and/or floor space directly under the fan, to protect surfaces directly under the cleaning area, Then, make a sure that there is no hair and eyes with scarf or cap also protect eye wear for your safety.

Further, the things you will need are

  • Floor/ furniture covering
  • Scarf/ hat
  • Protective eye-wear
  • Tape
  • Step stool
  • Miniature ladder
  • Ceiling duster
  • Pillowcase
  • Spray bottle
  • Vinegar
  • Water

02. Make A Sure That The Fan Switched Off

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Then, the next steps on how to clean ceiling dusty fans is switch off the fan. Don’t forget to tell the whole household member to avoid of accidentally power off the fan.

03. Reach The Fan

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Moreover, you may reach the ceiling fan with the furniture around you, or you can use mini ladder to get there. In the other hand, if you are not able to reach the fan. You may use long duster with additional fabric cloth to get the fan.

04. Use Unused Pillow Case To Wipe The Fan

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Fourth steps on how to clean ceiling dusty fans Known as choosing and cleaning steps. Then, choose an old pillowcase that you are not attracted to use it again. Then, spray it mixture liquid between vinegar and warm water. After that, slide the pillow case on the each side of the fans clearly. whether you are not able to reach the fans by standing over the furniture, you might use long handled ceiling duster to make it done.

05. Turn On The Fans

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The last steps on this article is turn on the power switch of the fan to remove all excess dust and the fumes that caused by cleaning process. Maximize this steps through open the the window and doors to create an air circulation


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