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Easy Steps On How To Remove And Trim Your Ceiling From Popcorn Effect Then Make It Shine again

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Popcorn effect is one of bothering effect that can reduce the beauty of interior appearance. Further, popcorn ceiling would make your ceiling hard to clean and catch the dust easily. Moreover, popcorn effect on the room also plays a role on make your look appearance to be smaller, because it’s create dark shadows. Then, it also make your ceiling hard to paint because, the material on the popcorn ceilings contain asbestos on the mineral water then, it’s linked to asbestosis and mesothelioma. Those obstetrical would make a possibility that your paint will additives.

There are some popular ways on how to remove popcorn ceiling such as scrap. cover with new layer or skim coat with plaster to create a new texture ceiling.

Furthermore, in this article i would like to give an explanation on the scrap method only. Then, check this out!

01. Preparation Steps

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Before you start the methods onĀ how to remove popcorn ceiling. Don’t forget to set your furniture to avoid of scratches or stains that caused from this steps.

02. Spray The Ceiling

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The next steps require you to fill the spray bottle or spray machine with warm water. Then, one small section about to 10 square feet. After that you need to let it works around 20 minutes. This steps is useful to avoid of damage under the drywall surface of the ceiling.

03. Scrape The Ceiling

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After complete the spraying steps. Then, slowly you need to remove the popcorn effect on the drywall with a scraper. Then, you need to work in one section at a time.

04. Clean The Rubble

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The previous steps resulted that any rubble fall from the ceiling. Maintain them first before continue to the next process. Take them outside, then shake out into a garbage bin.

05. Touch Up The Ceiling

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Set a drywall protector on the impacted area, you might use a soft brush or drywall knife to the smooth. Further, let them work over the area around a night. Then, the last steps is wipe the area use sanding block and damp cloth.

06. Paint The Area

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The last step is paint the whole ceiling area to increase the enchantment of the ceilings and the whole interior. After you complete the painting steps, don’t forget to re-install any lights installation over the room.

In short, understand the methods on how to remove popcorn ceiling of the room would help to create an ease way on how to do that without causing any further damage on your room.

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