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Easy Steps On How To Replace A Window Properly

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Broken window is common nowadays. Broken window is common happened because of many things such as renowned by throwing ball accidentally hitten by stone from the outside. Or when you have a kids, the percentage of broken window is more risky. Due the kids high and intent activities around the house.

Moreover, if you faces broken window on your house. There is no choice to fix it, beside replace the window with the new one.

Afterwards, in this article I would like to give you some guides on how to replace a window without cause any further damage on them. These following tips is useful for you to replace your broken window.

01. Remove The Old Window

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On the first step you need to identified what kind of replacing that you need on your window.

Then, if you need a new windowpane, so, you need to contact the expert to come and replace the pane to avoid of any further damage over the window.

Further, if the whole window must be replaced. You need to consider to use a stock replacement. Even, it will force you to make some adjustments to the frame. But, it will costs you less than a custom windows.

Using a crowbar will help you to remove the entire window including the trim and sill plate.

02. Adjust The Window Frame

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Then, make sure that the new window frame dimension adjusted with the frame on the old windows. Sometimes, these steps require to add new boards to the frame such as (2 x 4s) as well as take off the exterior part of the window. Further, places 1/4 inch gap on all sides on the window further adjustments.

03. Place The New Window

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Next, when you already remove the exterior side on the windows. Then, wrap the old window back to evade of any future moisture on the windows.

After that, apply the new frame on the window. You might start the window wrap installation from the lower part of the window then, works up.

Then, install the window from the exterior side then push the window up then, make sure that it is flush to the frame. Screw your window on the frame places. Make sure that the entire window already screw it on the solid piece of wood.

Set the window until it is perfectly places and screwed on the square. From the exterior part you need to screws or nails to secure the window’s places.

04. Wrap It Up

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The next steps on how to replace a window is wraping step. On this steps you need to make sure that the window already nailed and screw on the new places.

You should add another layer on the window to wrap on the fins of the window. Then, check again all the surfaces already covered or not. If you found a uncovered spot. You should repeat the steps. This steps is useful to protect your window from future moisture.

05. Protect The Window

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The last steps on how to replace a window is protect the window from any potential breaking. You should put the window on a foam sealant in the gap between the casing and the window. Otherwise, you need to cover the edges of the window with the painter’s tape to protect the surface.

06. Replace The Casing

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After that install the new interior casing. Then, exterior trim if necessary.

In short, these steps would guide you to make an ease ways on replacing the windows

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