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Easy Steps To Clean A Walls

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Walls is a risky place that faced a lot of treat to make it dirty, especially if you have a kid or pet. Maintain them regularly is the main key on keep the house shinning and sparkling.

Then, in this article I would like to tell you an easy steps on how to clean wall perfectly without no further damage caused.

Further, the steps are

01. Analyzing What Kind Of Paint On The Wall

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Today’s there are a lot of types of paint that can be seen almost in every building store. Each types would need different treatment to keep it shine. Semi-gloss or enamel paint will stand up to washing. Moreover, flat, stain, or eggshell are frail and can be rub off when you scrub to hard or use am abrasive cleaner.

Furthermore, no matter on what kinds of type paint on your wall still need to be dusted before washing them. You may use brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner then operate it over the wall to remove the dust or stain

02. Put Any Towel Under The Wall To Avoid Any Excess Water

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Then, the second steps is put any towel on the floor along the wall to catch excess water that fall down from the wall while you clean it.

03. Use Cleaner To Remove Any Stains

Cleaner is important key to shed the stains and smudges on how to clean wall steps. Avoid any damage on your wall through using mildest cleaner that you can step it up to a tougher cleaner if it necessary.

Further, the softest cleaner that can be seen everywhere is water. Then, wipe it on the wall and then observe does this work or not. If it’s not work, you can mix it with warm water and dishwashing soap.

Moreover, whether it doesn’t work on your wall you may mix a cup of ammonia than half cup of vinegar and add ¼ cup of baking soda in one gallon of warm water.

After that, continue the process wipe the wall with a sponge. Make sure to dry the entire wall with a towel to avoid of any water damage on the wall.

04. Further Cleaning Treatment

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If you found out a stubborn stain, mix a paste of baking soda and water. Then, lubricate the stain the mixture and clean water and a cloth.

05. Fully Cleaning Treatment

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Cleaning the wall should be started from the top of the wall then way down to the lower part. Wipe the wall with the cleaner and then rinse it with water.

Use two buckets, one for the cleaning solution then the other one for the water. Make sure that you wring out your sponge before put in on the wall.

Then, after the work is complete you might dry the wall with a cloth or towel.

In conclusion, understand the steps on how to clean walls will help you to keep your wall shinning longer. Especially if there are kids around the your house.

Further, kids often scratch the wall with a crayon. You might remove them with a sponge of cleaner and filled with clean water. Then, finish it with drying process with a gum eraser.

Understand the methods is an easy to keep the wall looking fresh and stain free.


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