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Easy Steps To Get An Oxygen From Your Grass Root Through Aerate A Lawn

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Have you feel that your backyard grass root is messy with many vines and coarse grass over there. And, Have you feel stifled on your home?

Then, when you realized that you already felt both of those factors. It’s the perfect time for do an aeration lawn on your grass root.

Aeration is the process of getting oxygen to plant roots. Learn how to reinvigorate your compacted lawn through aeration.

Further,completing the steps on how to aeration lawn is quite easy. Then, here the explanation below.

But, before I give you an explanation about how to aeration lawn steps. I want to suggest you that there is a preparation that need to done.

01. Choose The Area That Need For Aeration

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Observe your grass root, maybe there is an area where the turfgrass is not on the best condition or when you found out that the water face a difficult penetration on the soil surface. Those are indicators that you need to aerate your lawn.

Clay soils and lawns often face a heavy traffic both from foot or vehicle. Then, when you found out that there is an area that became more compacted time by time, it is the sign that the area need lawn aeration.

Grab your shovel, dig a square-foot section on the grass about six inches deep and examine.

When the grass roots do not growth more than inches deep into the soil. Your lawn would get a benefit from aeration.

02. Lawn Area Preparation

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The second steps is preparation. This steps require you to water the entire area of the lawn. Put about 1″ water to the grass. Then, it will help the aerator to penetrate the soil and then pull out the cores easily. Set an irrigation heads and the rest of hidden object on the lawn to avoid them operating the aerator on this area. Further, when you don’t have proper irrigation system, maintain a garden hose then sprink it to water the lawn.

Important things to remember that the best season to complete this job is around August to October every year.

03. Aerated The Lawn

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This steps is the core of the entire article of how to aeration lawn. Moreover, this steps need you to run the main core of the aerator on the lawn. Then, maintain them in a pattern that cover some area only once.

Important things to remember that a mechanical core aerator is the best equipment to complete this steps. Therefore, that machine will costs you fortune. Another option, you might rent the machine from the local rent about $30 to $50

04. Composting or Sand Overing On The Lawn Aerated Area

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When notice that there is a soil cores residue left on the ground after the aeration process then you can maintain them to decompose.

Throw the cores into compost bin. Then, let it process about two until four weeks until the soil cores will break down naturally.

Grab the sprinkle compost and spread it over the lawn

Important Things to remember after aeration, apply grass seed and fertilizer to lawns as this is an ideal time to do so.

In short, understands the tips on how to aeration lawn will helps you open your grass root and get much more oxygen. Have a great day!


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