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Easy Steps To Install Dishwaser Sink On Your Kitchen

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To many homeowners, installing a kitchen sink seems like a daunting task, but the fact is, if you can trace around a template and cut out a hole, you can install a kitchen sink.

People nowadays thinks that sink is an important element that should be get by any house’s kitchen. Kitchen sink are prepared to wash the meals and dish. Mostly the sink placed and installed on the kitchen cabinet under the counter top.

many people thinks that installing a kitchen sink similarly like so scare and complicated daily assignment that usually we done.

Then, this article appear to tell an easy way on how to install kitchen sink that can be done less than 4 house. So, check this out.

01. Find Suitable Places For The Sink’

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The step is set the suitable spot for the sink. Most company have so their product’s template. so, their product can placed properly.

You may position the template in the center of the sink cabinet about to 1 1/2 inches back from the front door’s front edge. However, if the counter-top is more than 24 inches deep. You need to put it farther and far around 4 inches. Then, you may template them in place with a marker.

02. Open The Counter-top

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The second step is remove the template of the counter-top. You may drill 3/8 inch diameter hole on the corner of the counter-top.

Then, with saber saw blade, you need to cut along the inside of the line. Therefore, you need to prevent any cutout from snapping off long enough.

03. Install The Sink

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After you remove the counterpart surfaces, The next steps is install the sink strainers. Then, you need to make a sure that between the sink and the hole are on the same sizes.

The next step is creating a watertight seal between the sink and the counter-top. This step is useful to make a sure that the sink tighted strongly.

04. Becarefull with the sink

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The next step on how to install kitchen sink is insert the sink to the counter-top carefully.

Remember, if the sink is heavy. You need to get help lifting and installing by those who expert on that field

05. Pulled Down The Sink

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This steps require you to pull down the sink to make a special mounting clips to create a hook onto the lip on the underside of the sink and are tightenend with a screwdriver.

06.  Finish The Project

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Connects the sink that you installed to the water drainage to make it work.

In short, I hope you enlightened on how to install kitchen sink. Then, there tips purpose to inform the reader on how to install kitchen sink is complete. Then, have a great day!



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